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Sign our petition to urge the Governor to put Medical Liberty on the call!


Sign our petition to urge the Governor to put Medical Liberty on the call!

Through political chicanery and procedural maneuvering, members of the Texas Legislature ensured that Texans’ rights to informed consent and vaccine choice remained vulnerable to the will of spineless employers, tyrannical governmental entities and unethical healthcare providers.

With special legislative sessions all but guaranteed at this point, we respectfully insist that Governor Greg Abbott recognize the work that was left undone on medical liberty and place this issue on the call.

There is still much unfinished business, and Texans cannot wait another 2 years to address some of these issues. We are asking you to join us in urging Gov. Abbott to place the following on a Special Session call:

1- The Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act: This bill would enshrine Informed Consent in Texas law and protect ALL Texans from COVID jab discrimination

2- Limiting Unelected Bureaucrat Power: Requiring school immunization policy changes be passed through the legislative process and not through unchecked agency rule

3- Patient Discrimination: Prohibiting vaccine requirements for any medical care

4- Parental Rights: Amending the Texas Constitution so that parents have the ultimate say in directing their children’s medical decisions

Urge the Governor to Put Medical Liberty on the Call

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