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Our phones ring off the hook with calls from those seeking refuge from the tyranny of their home states. From the affordable lifestyle to the liberty-loving citizens, there is no doubt there are many great reasons to call Texas home.

We here at Texans for Vaccine Choice are excited to welcome you to the Lone Star State. It is said that everything is bigger and better in Texas, and we agree! Since 2015, our grassroots efforts to protect and advance informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice have exploded, and our membership has grown at lightning speed.

This is due not only to the dedicated work of our native Texans but also that to the many families like yours moving to our state. This unique situation has created a high demand for a crash course on all things medical freedom in Texas. We hope you find this Welcome to Texas Guide practical, helpful, and full of passion with a hefty dose of love as we welcome you as one of our own.

While I certainly hope to meet you in person very soon, in the meantime, shoot me a text and let me know you are here!

Welcome to Texas, y’all! 

Rebecca Hardy – Board President & Policy Director

Angie Lemmons – Board Vice President

Terence Huffines – Board Secretary

Michelle Evans – Political Director

Kelly Vela – Communications Liaison

Carrie Bigford – Outreach Director

And over 100,000 of your newest friends – The Supporters of TFVC

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Colby Meals – Legacy Point Realty
(903) 818-6452
[email protected]
Serving N. Texas (Grayson, Cooke, Collin, Denton, Wise, Parker, Tarrant, Fannin, Dallas Counties)
Incentive: Will donate 10% of commission to TFVC per referral closing!

Jennifer Ware, Realtor–Miller Homes Group

(903) 736-9294
[email protected]
Serving the greater Longview, Kilgore, Gilmer, & Hallsville areas
Incentive: Will donate $500 to TFVC per referral closing!

Victoria Rios – Alamo Top Realty
(210) 237-6568
[email protected]
Serving San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels, Bulverde and surrounding areas
Incentive: Will donate $500 to TFVC per referral closing

Cara A. Collier – Collier Real Estate Services
(512) 537-3808
[email protected]
Serving Austin, Buda, Driftwood, Dripping Springs
Incentive: Will donate $350 or .1% (whichever is greater) per referral closing to TFVC!

Brenda Bran Taquino – Texas Homes Realty & Management
(712) 825-8773
[email protected]
Serving San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels, Bulverde and surrounding areas
Incentive: Will donate $500 to TFVC per referral closing!

David Bruegel – House Chaser
(806) 782-5303
[email protected]
Serving Lubbock & surrounding areas

The religious and philosophical exemptions are combined into one exemption that is exercised with an official affidavit called the Exemption from Immunizations for Reasons of Conscience that is requested from the state and delivered to your home in the mail. Medical exemptions need only be a letter from a doctor (MD or DO) licensed in the U.S.

We have an entire page on our website set up to walk you through your exemption rights! Our Exemption FAQ page has answers to all of your exemption-related questions. Learn how to order your exemption affidavits, get detailed instructions on how to properly fill out your form, see if your medical exemption complies with the law, learn about provisional enrollment, and much more!

TFVC is formed in response to the filing of a mandate bill by a representative from Dallas. We like to say we didn’t know what we were doing, but we did it well! That mandate bill, along with 16 others aimed at eroding medical liberty, were defeated!

Bills We Supported: 7
Bills We Opposed: 7

The 7 bills we supported were the first pro-vaccine choice bills to be filed since 2003! Two pro-parental vaccine rights amendments were added to two bills pertaining to CPS custody scenarios that were signed into law. Read our 85th Legislative Session Summary HERE.

Bills We Supported: 6
Bills We Opposed: 10

We gained international recognition when Texas’ first-ever vaccine safety bill was filed! We obtained a hearing for a bill we supported & all bad bills were defeated! For more information, read our 86th Legislative Summary HERE.

Bills We Supported: 30
Bills We Opposed: 8

When Texans for Vaccine Choice began in 2015, medical liberty advocates were simply playing defense in the Texas Legislature. In six short years, through strategic community relations, Texans for Vaccine Choice has built a network of support from the bottom up to the top of our elected officials, quickly setting the standard for state medical liberty advocacy. Read our 87th Legislative Session Summary HERE.

Bills We Supported: 60
Bills We Opposed: 14

To say that the 88th Legislative Session was unparalleled for medical liberty would be an understatement. When the Legislature gaveled in on January 10, 2023, TFVC was already tracking dozens of strong bills to advance vaccine choice and dozens more were filed between that day and bill filing deadline in March, making this session a record-breaker as far as TFVC-supported bills written! Additionally, only a handful of bad bills were filed – an extraordinary change since TFVC has spent previous sessions primarily only playing defense to kill legislation. Read our 88th Legislative Session Summary HERE.

Texas has historically championed individual rights and personal liberties – it’s sort of who we are as Texans! The decision to support Texas families in their right to make medical decisions without government intrusion was a natural one for many Texas legislators. However, others remain unreceptive to the message of medical freedom and unwilling to examine the science of vaccine injury.

As is the case in many other states, this divide between legislators who are friendly to our cause and those who are not occurs along party lines. Texans for Vaccine Choice is a non-partisan organization with members from all across the political spectrum, but the Republican Party of Texas has overwhelmingly embraced our mission and our message – even adopting several planks related to vaccine choice to their party platform – while Democrat legislators not only refuse to meet with us, but often openly mock our families on social media and discriminate against them at the capitol.

Perhaps the clearest illustration of this can be seen on the graphs of scorable votes below. These numbers represent House floor votes for/against different issues related to medical freedom and vaccine choice cast during the 85th Legislative Session in 2017.

Odd Numbered Years: 
• January – May: Legislative Session
• November – December: Candidate Filing for Primary Election
• September – December: Precinct Chair Filing for Primary Election

Even Numbered Years:
• March: Primary Election, Precinct Conventions
• March/April: Senate and County Conventions
• May or June: State Convention
• November: General Election

First, you’ll need a Texas Driver’s License or a Texas Personal I.D. No issued by the Department of Public Safety. Find out how to apply here.

Then, you can register in person at your county Voter Registrar’s office. (In most Texas counties, the Tax Assessor-Collector is also the Voter Registrar. In some counties, the County Clerk or Elections Administrator registers voters.) You can also register by mail by obtaining an application from your county Voter Registrar’s office or pick up applications at libraries, government offices, or high schools.

When Texans register to vote, do they register for a certain party?
No. There are only registered voters in Texas. There is no party registration. 

Can any registered voter vote in any primary election?
Texas has an open primary, meaning anyone can cast a ballot in primary of their choice, regardless of whether you’ve voted in that party’s primary before. Republicans can vote in the Democratic primary. Democrats can vote in the Republican primary. You can still only vote in one primary. 

If I don’t vote in the Primary, can I vote in the Primary Run-off?
Once you’ve voted in a party primary, you can vote in only that party’s run-offs. If you skip the primary, you can vote in either party’s run-off, but you cannot cross over in the run-offs; if you vote in the Republican primary, you can’t vote in the Democratic run-off, and vice versa. How and whether you vote in a primary and run-off has no bearing on your vote in the November general election. 

How to do I find my polling location?
During early voting, registered voters may vote at ANY early voting location located within your county of residence. On Election Day, you can vote only at your assigned voting precinct. Please see this site for information on your specific precinct.

When do I vote?
For all important upcoming Texas election days, please visit

How do I vote with a mail-in ballot?
To be eligible to vote early by mail in Texas, you must: be 65 years or older; be disabled; be out of the county on election day and during the early voting period; or be confined in jail, but otherwise eligible. Request an Application for a Ballot by Mail here:

Military and overseas voters are welcome to use the regular registration and early voting by mail process available to all voters away from their home county on Election Day. Additional special provisions for military and overseas voters can be found here:

Greg Abbott (R)
Term Expires 2026

Lieutenant Governor
Dan Patrick (R)
Term Expires 2026

Attorney General 
Ken Paxton (R) 
Term Expires 2026

To Find Your State Representative:

To Find Your State Senator:

Watch Your Email for TFVC Voter Guides!
Make sure you are a member of Texans for Vaccine Choice (join HERE) so you receive all of our emails. We will provide you with a voter guide featuring candidates who have been carefully vetted to ensure they will protect and advance informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice in the legislature.

We will also provide you with numerous ways you can directly assist these candidates during their campaigns!

**You can see our 2022 General Election Victories HERE!!**

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