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2018 Exemption Numbers Are In & the Fear Mongering Begins!

From our July 20, 2018 Post:

πŸ’£ Truth Bomb Time! πŸ’£


2017-2018 exemption numbers are in & – judging by the opposition’s reaction – we are all facing imminent death! πŸ™„

From the article linked below:
“These new numbers have doctors worried…Dr. Avila Edwards says diseases she thought they turned the corner on, like whooping cough and measles, are coming back.”

πŸ€” Where exactly is the data to support that? In fact, from the looks of the chart below, it appears as though whooping cough and measles disease rates have remained relatively steady over the past ten years.

😱 It also appears as though school exemption rates & disease incidence rates have absolutely 🚫ZERO🚫 correlation. ISN’T THAT SHOCKING?!

Also from the article:
“But are parents not actually vaccinating or are they just not telling the district and state they are? ‘What we’re hearing is not necessarily that we don’t want to vaccinate, but we want to keep these medical decisions between us and our chosen medical providers,’ said Jackie Schlegel, the executive director of Texans for Vaccine Choice. ‘Or they’re on a delayed schedule and they’re spacing them out.’

Kathy McElveen at the Austin Waldorf School concurs. State data shows that nearly half of parents at Austin Waldorf School objected. ‘Many students whose parents file an exemption are either fully vaccinated with an alternative schedule or missing one or two selected immunizations such as chickenpox or Hepatitis B,” McElveen wrote KXAN in a statement.”


2017-2018 Annual Report of Immunization Status of Students:

Information on Texas Exemption Laws:


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