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2023 Freedom Fight at the Capitol

Texans for Vaccine Choice is excited to announce our 2023 Freedom Fight at the Texas Capitol on January 25th! 

We are lining up some amazing speakers, including the bold and brave DEL BIGTREE, who  will address current medical mandates and give powerful testimonies and encouraging speeches regarding the future of medical liberty in our great state!

Wednesday, January 25, 2023
South Steps of the Austin Capitol

Find our Freedom Fight Guide HERE, make your travel plans and get READY TO RALLY!

7 thoughts on “2023 Freedom Fight at the Capitol”

  1. The mandates are not law but many institutions make it mandatory to work.This is violating citizens medical rights. The COVID shot is not a vaccine but a mRNA gene therapy.This is false advertising to the public and very misleading of the experimental effects on the populace. Now they want to put this in children when they have natural immunity.This hoax of mass psychosis needs to stop in the top state that had a historical record to fight for freedom and independence for America to survive.

  2. Everyone needs to spread the word and support our FREEDOM of Choice and those who are fighting for us all!
    See y’all there!

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