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ACTION ALERT! TEKS Threaten to Violate Informed Consent and Parental Choice

In 2020, the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) will update the Health Education TEKS. See the draft of the proposed TEKS here.

We need your help to make sure Texas students get access to accurate information about vaccines while also maintaining parental rights.

Often, when vaccines are brought up in the classroom, tactics used involve outing children and creating distrust that their parents are making good decisions for them.

TFVC doubts that lessons created from these TEKs will express both sides because “the importance of vaccines” implies that the only viewpoint that will be taught is that they ARE important, leaving little room for dissension, discussion, or focus on informed consent.

Take Action Today!

1. Contact your SBOE member and ask for their support in removing the immunization/vaccine standards in the proposed Health Education TEKS.
Find your SBOE member here.

2. Share your feedback and comments on the proposed TEKS draft directly with the Texas Education Agency by emailing [email protected] and [email protected]. In the subject line, please indicate “Health Education TEKS Review Final Recommendations Feedback.”

3. Consider providing oral testimony at the September 8-11 SBOE hearing. While final meeting logistics have not yet been released, we anticipate that testimony will be conducted virtually. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in testifying.

Tips to provide effective feedback:

Focus on specific issues:

  • What should be in the TEKS or should have more emphasis in the TEKS.
  • What should not be in the TEKS and why.
  • An area you are specifically concerned about.
  • Include our proposed changes, found HERE.
  • Specific concerns about the Student Expectations (SEs) might be:
    • Vaccines are parents’ responsibility.
    • SEs undermine the informed consent message.
    • SEs do not address vaccine risks or their contraindications
    • SEs direct students to “trusted adults” rather than parents

7 thoughts on “ACTION ALERT! TEKS Threaten to Violate Informed Consent and Parental Choice”

  1. This was the response I sent to my SBOE member and agency addresses. You may use, edit, personalize:

    To Concerned Representation:

    Thank you for your work on the TEA TEKS development; your task is understandably challenging, particularly in this difficult season. As a former teacher, I would like to submit the following changes to the preposed Health Education TEKS. My proposal comes from a strongly held view that parents should be the primary decision makers regarding their children’s health, and should not be determined by an industry that makes billions of dollars on medical procedures with no liability when injury occurs; “one-size-fits-all” should never be an accepted and taught approach to medical treatment! Also, there is extensive research from credible, well-educated, authoritative medical professionals that hold to this supported position, particularly regarding the proven dangers of the HPV vaccine. Please do not allow the pharmaceutical industry to influence or undermine parental rights and authority and do not allow our students to be taught that personal discretion and inquiry are unnecessary when it comes to stewarding important decisions regarding their health. Other concerns about the Student Expectations include:
    – SE’s undermine the informed consent message
    – SE’s do not address vaccine risks or their contraindications
    – SE’s direct students to “trusted adults” rather than parents

    Link to proposed changes

    Thank you

  2. Denise Luckenbach

    Vaccines are a parent’s responsibility. Both sides of the vaccine story should be supported. Possible benefits as well as possible side effects and risks.

  3. Lissette Ortega

    Vaccines are a medical intervention and as such full disclosure of an informed consent listing out all risks and benefits must be provided to the parent and adult patients. Then, like the standard of care in the medical community LET EACH PERSON DECIDE if they want to proceed or not. After al they are the ones who will endure the consequences

  4. My name is keren Rodríguez I am here in united state only 4 year but in november 2019 my family coming now I have a big problem with my baby in the school they try to get her out for the vaccines in my country I am a surgeon I am aware of the risk of vaccines. I am looking for information support and legal help in relation to the laws of the United States.

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