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UPDATE: The vote took place in the late morning of March 29, 2023. We were able to get the results via a Record Vote in the House. 

Rep. Ann Johnson’s resolution HR 835 would celebrate Big Pharma and promote jabs by having the state mark March 29, 2023 as “Vaccine Advocacy and Awareness Day” to honor the Baker Institute at Rice University. Their Center for Health and Biosciences boasts “Fellows and Scholars” like Dr. Peter Hotez, who has publicly labeled TFVC as “anti-vaxx”, branding its supporters as “people actually eager to endanger lives of Texas children just to espouse their miserable pseudoscience ideologies”. The resolution specifically applauds the “Vaccines Cause Adults” program -sponsored by the Baker Institute in partnership with taxpayer-funded lobbying group The Immunization Partnership – a marketing campaign that promotes a mandatory state vaccine database and recruits pastors to combat vaccine hesitancy and misinformation by delivering “messages about vaccine safety” from the pulpit.

Serious question – are any Texans not aware of vaccines? Should the state be using its energy to market pharmaceutical products, promote a lobbying group that uses its funds to insult duly elected officials, celebrate organizations that seek to violate your medical privacy, and a “health expert” who admits to being a “junkfoodaholic”? Does Rep. Johnson believe this resolution is really a great use of elected officials’ time, while TFVC-supported bills like HB 609 are slow-crawling through the legislative process? 


Email and Call YOUR State Representative
Use our public House Directory to find contact info for your State Representative. 


Dear Representative,

I am writing to you today to ask you to please VOTE NO on HR 835 on Wednesday, March 29, or ask Rep. Ann Johnson to pull her resolution.

This Resolution would use the power of the state to market pharmaceutical products and honor health “experts” who want to violate medical privacy and restrict medical liberty.

Thank you,

Not sure who your State Representative is? Click here and look for:
“Representative [Name]
Texas House District [Number]”
Then use the linked directory to call and email. 




  1. Contact state senator?! Or state rep? This is a house resolution, not a senate resolution, so state rep, right?

        1. I just called my House District Rep for my county. I asked her if there’s anyone else I should be calling and she said it was for the state level. Mine is DeWayne Burns. This was at the bottom of the paragraph. Put in your county and you will get who you need. Call them because time is short…… They were very nice and just asked for your information to record your opinion. She said she didn’t think they had voted yet and reading over the bill.

  2. Chad Edward McCartney

    Hell no. These jabs have affected 100’s of thousands in a bad way and caused more deaths than all the “vaccines” in the last 20+ years. Make laws to help Texas and forget another awareness day. That is just a waste of time

  3. this is ridiculous, a jab day to celebrate each year. please use your heads and hearts and stop this woman in her tracks, and while your at it check how much many she is receiving from pharma pushing their agenda and death

  4. I don’t understand why we don’t get these emails a couple of days in advance? We’re to email & call the day of the vote? I figured it would be better to call and email days BEFORE the vote? Can someone make it make sense?

    1. Rep. Johnson filed her resolution LATE yesterday. Calls and emails the day of a vote are actually quite effective.

      1. Thank you so much for clarifying that with me. I was not aware that it was filed late yesterday. And now I understand. Thanks again!! 🖤

  5. It’s already been widely reported that the whole basis in reality regarding the Nuremberg II trials going on are for crimes against humanity due to the virus war-fair waged against it.
    Why in the name of God would we want to commemorate that?

  6. I have been and will continue to contact our representatives. The Covid jab is not the first injury that’s happened. For decades, they’ve made up vaxxes for money with little research or care about how individuals respond to vaccines in general. My my mom’s little brother died at before he became an adult because of the measle vaccine in the late 70s. He got measle encephalitis and became a vegetable within weeks of getting the vax. My grandparents carried him everywhere. We have Shriner’s hospital in Fort Worth and the Child Study Center my grandma said she took him too. Doctors were baffled but why else would a healthy, baseball playing, young adolescent boy turn into a vegetable? He was eventually sent to TX State School because his care became to great and there were other siblings they had to provide for. My mom told me there were hundreds of kids like him when she went to see him. He died when I was 3 in 1983 at 16 years old. I’ve seen pictures they took……….Think about that……Fast forward to today’s time. There is so much out there about Fauci, the Who, Obama, and many of the lifer politicians have been planning this. It’s in the government files plain as day in what they were planning years ago. This poison was hurriedly pushed to be used as bioweapons. My mom was made sick by someone who got the jab within days of her and her coworker meeting. This was never a normal vax to begin with. I’ve seen videos of scientist around the world discovering what’s in it. I have 2 auto-immune diseases and this would have made me sicker if I took it. I refused. The flu shots they push are no different. When I was 20, the stupid flu shot made me so sick, it ruined a whole semester of college classes. Vaccines in general should not be shoved on anyone. I have been trying to get medical help for over 10 yrs. Medical field doesn’t care anything but for $$$. I found a small practice PCP who didn’t push anything on his clients. I know too many who fell for the fear, took it, and died. I’m angry and people need to be held accountable, not praised, for this evil serum.

  7. I just called. It was too late- they already voted, unanimous decision, they will call me back with result when they find out

  8. Jillene Turner

    It is difficult for me to call or email on the day of a vote – I work in a special needs classroom during the day. I need more time to be able to participate.

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