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CNN Twists the Story on HB 39

From Executive Director Jackie Schlegel’s May 12, 2017 Facebook Post:

A few months ago, toward the beginning of this legislative session, I did an on camera interview with CNN. The reporter was adamant about turning the conversation away from parental rights and into a heated vaccine debate.

I refused. As the leading organization in Texas for vaccine choice, our message is clear, firm, and powerful. “Parents, not the state, are best equipped to make medical decisions for our children.”

The segment never aired and, as you can see, the opposition’s new tactic is to keep our organization nameless when it airs national coverage of our movement.

Well CNN, you throw your little temper tantrum on not getting the sensational story you were seeking. You can create misleading headlines and give an abundance of coverage to the big pharma agenda while misrepresenting our powerful grassroots movement. But make note of Mr. Hotez’s comments. Amazingly, he actually has some accurate insight in his closing comments noting, “we’re losing this battle.”

Yes. Yes you are. Because we have truth.

#TFVC #parentscalltheshots #thechoiceshouldbeyours
From our May 12, 2017 Facebook Post:

Your originally clever but outdated big industry marketing strategy disguised as journalism is failing.

This is Texas. We don’t play those games.

Want the truth? Come to Texas. Let’s sit down at the Capitol and go LIVE on our Facebook page. We challenge you. Let’s talk about truth.

The gloves. Are. Off.

#TFVC #parentscalltheshots #thechoiceshouldbeyours

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