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Contact the Attorney General TODAY!

Last summer, Texans For Vaccine Choice raised the alarm that Texas’ vaccine exemption laws could be undermined by school districts who wanted to exclude children with vaccine exemptions during “declared emergencies” in our state.

Before a vaccine for COVID-19 even existed, our team spotted a way overzealous school districts might thwart our laws to exclude children from attending the schools our tax dollars pay for.

To stop this attack on parental rights before it started, TFVC contacted Texas House Chairman James White, who promptly asked Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to issue an Attorney General’s Opinion. By issuing an opinion, AG Paxton would close the door on some school districts enforcing a de-facto vaccine mandate on Texas children.

Our team at TFVC has waited patiently for a response. The law requires a response from Attorney General Paxton within 180 days of the initial request. Last Wednesday, January 20th, was the final day of that 180 day period. While Chairman White’s office has been in constant communication with the TFVC team, Attorney General Paxton has failed to deliver his much needed opinion, responding only to say more time was needed to review the law.

As Texas schools attempt to return to normal, in-person instruction, Attorney General Paxton needs to deliver this crucial opinion NOW!

Contact Ken Paxton’s office today and demand they clarify Texas law and protect our children from exclusion at school over their vaccine status. Texas kids can’t wait another day, with headline after headline in the news reporting a dropoff in academic performance and mental health of young people not in school across the nation.


Constituent Services Line: 800-252-8011

Sample Message:
I urge you to quickly respond to Opinion Request RQ-0364-KP regarding vaccine exemption policy. TAC 97.62 has historically been applied very precisely and carefully. Please hold the line and stand up for parental rights.

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