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FDA Approves RSV Vaccine for Infants Despite Side Effects

Last month, a panel of doctors from the Vaccine Advisory Committee within the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), stated they approve of Pfizer’s RSV vaccine for infants.

The vaccine would be administered to pregnant mothers late in the second trimester or at the beginning of the third. In clinical trials, Pfizer found women who took the jab were more likely to give birth prematurely. 

Additionally, four advisors for Pfizer noted the safety data was not entirely accurate. Dr. Paul Offit from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia said he doesn’t think there is enough data to show Pfizer’s vaccine is safe. 

“If you’re in any sense risking premature births with this vaccine, I think there’ll be a big price to pay,” he explained as he voted against the shot’s safety data. 

Despite all of this, the committee unanimously recommended FDA approval. 

If approved, this would be the first RSV shot for infants in the world.

This is clearly another example of big pharma putting profits over patients. 

A shot that puts unborn babies and infants in danger should never have been recommended by the committee.

As the medical mafia perpetually covers up their tracks, it is increasingly important for patients to know all of the side effects so they can make an informed decision when consenting to or refusing to take a shot. 

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