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TFVC Members Testify Against HB 2249 (Campus Level Reporting Bill)

From our April 12, 2017 Facebook Post:

HB 2249, the campus-level reporting bill, was heard in the Public Health Committee yesterday – and what a day it was!

Rain didn’t stop our members from getting up at 3 a.m. to make the drive to Austin. Lightning? Pfft. Hail – whatev. Hydroplaning? Not turning back now.

Our members – single moms, nursing moms, grandmas, grandpas, kids, dads walking the capitol with strollers while moms waited to testify – all were determined to be heard.

When the hearing was pushed to the end of the day (most likely hoping we would get tired and just go away), that just made us more determined. NOT. GOING. AWAY.

One of my favorite quotes was by Dr. Steve Klayman, “Ultimately, we all love our kids and our grandkids, and we want the best thing for them. In listening to the testimony today, I noticed the ones in favor of the bill generally represented organizations; the ones that opposed the bill generally were the parents of children.”

And … unfortunately those organizations were not entirely truthful in their presentations.

#txlege Listen to the parents.

Link to the recorded live feed is up!
HB 2249 starts at hour 3:37 and goes to 7:19.
Watch our TFVC members DESTROY this bill. We had the opposition scrambling! Whether it’s passed out of committee or not, yesterday was a WIN for parents across the state.

Thank you, TFVC members – those who were able to testify, those that registered your opposition, those that made the calls, those that were there in spirit, those that cheered everyone on.

Don’t forget – tomorrow is the RALLY! Even if you haven’t registered, come on down to Austin!

#STOPHB2249 #medicalprivacy #freedomfight2017

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