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I Will Fire You as My Provider: A Parent’s Message on Who Calls the Shots (Spoiler Alert: It’s YOU!)

Tisk. Tisk. Here we go again coming across a Facebook tag that has me passionately pounding at my keyboard. I am not one to respond to every article I come across; I just don’t have the time nor energy to do so. Despite the media’s insistence that politics has been a life-long passion of mine or something in which I hold a degree, as I have stated numerous times: I am a MOM. A busy, passionate mom. (While that’s another blog in itself, let it be a BIG lesson to you: your passion is what fuels this movement. You are just as capable as I am.)

Okay, Jackie. Stay on track.

Over the last few months, I had seen this article pop up. A Facebook post titled: ‘I Will File A CPS Report’: Pediatrician’s Blunt Message About Vaccines Is Going Viral. At the time, I glanced over it not paying much attention, choosing to focus my energy on being proactive rather than falling into the social media frenzy of pitting parent against parent. I mean, I understand the dilemma: this tactic used to work brilliantly and was a pretty effective campaign. However, it is quite humorous to see them still banging the drum of Mommy Wars that lost momentum several years ago.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. In this instance, I see the opposition’s “grab them and stab them at any cost” agenda as insanity.

Spewing the same ol’ 30-year-old marketing strategy over and over and thinking it is going to continue to work? Insanity.

Get with the times, people: lies, deceit, and money can only take you so far. The truth is an unstoppable train. We might have to crash through some roadblocks along the way, but we will get there. They will not stop us.

Back to that the post. (Focus, Jackie. Focus.)

I am going about my business when I see a Facebook notification asking me to chime in on the this article about pediatricians aggressively dismissing families who choose alternative vaccine schedules. This is not an uncommon way of doing business for many of these financially motivated practices…. *cough*…. I mean, for these lovely, not patient-centered, one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter medical facilities *cough*…. for these offices. Yes. For these fantastic places of business. *Cough….*

I read the headline and, in typical fashion, I just rolled my eyes. JUST ANOTHER DAY. Then I slept on it, woke up thinking about it, and felt compelled to share the solution:

You work for ME. You have been chosen by ME for your stellar commitment to MY child’s health. You have not been chosen for my child because of your commitment to my neighbor’s health or the health of the child across town.

You have been chosen to carefully, thoughtfully, and mindfully be a part of a collaborative team which views my child as an individual and takes into consideration her unique makeup. It is fascinating to me that in a world so hellbent on celebrating uniqueness and allowing everyone to express themselves freely without being confined to any type of box, that we as a society have embraced such a completely different attitude when it comes to medicine.

There is no individualized medicine in mainstream medicine. Nope – just a one-size-fits-all herd mentality. You are free to be different and bold, but don’t you dare suggest your vaccination needs might differ from your neighbor. Next, you might actually think your child’s nutritional needs could be different than those of another child. Don’t you dare step out of line! After all, the doctor’s pharma-funded medical textbooks taught them EVERYTHING and they are never wrong. Second-guessing them would be like second-guessing…well, SCIENCE! And we all know the best science requires NO questioning of the status-quo.

Back to my message to Doctors:

Your medical degree does not and will not ever trump my God-given right to raise my children as I see fit. Ever. End of story.

If you cannot and will not create an environment in which medical care respects the needs of the patient, then you do not deserve the opportunity to be a part of my child’s medical team. You believe bullying, harassment, and social media shaming of families is acceptable? Well, I don’t have much there. I can’t change your heart, but I will not support any facility which contributes to a society in which hate is running amok. I just can’t. You are not a part of the problem. You ARE the problem.

As far as reporting us to CPS? Go ahead (not really, but bear with me here). In case you haven’t heard, Texas is leading the way in taking back our rights in that arena too:

Yes, it IS scary – terrifying actually – but, we are not called Warrior Parents for nothing. We are mama bears. You mess with our cubs and there is nothing we won’t do to protect them. We will rally. We will fight. We will engage our legislators. We will change our laws. We will end CPS overreach. We will educate our communities on our core mission. We will set the record straight. We will take our power back and, come hell or high water, we will leave this state a better place for our children.

Your days of bullying our families are coming to an end. You will not silence us with your threats.

5 thoughts on “I Will Fire You as My Provider: A Parent’s Message on Who Calls the Shots (Spoiler Alert: It’s YOU!)”

  1. Very timely post, Jackie. Thank you. Doctors and nurses are now being TRAINED to intimidate parents into vaccinating their children. I want to see EVERY parent ask for the REAL vaccine insert and then question the doctor on EVERY SINGLE horrific thing that the vaccine can do to a human.

  2. I LOVE this!! I’ve been saying for years that these people are OUR employees! We pay THEM! I don’t let my gardener, housekeeper, lawyer, accountant, taxi driver, pastor, etc. bully or intimidate or in any other way FORCE me to do anything. Particularly something I deem unsafe or deleterious to the health of my family! Thank you!

  3. Medicine is a service oriented profession. So just as with a mechanic, plumber, carpenter, waiter or gardener, you hire a doctor to provide you and your family a “service”. These people are your “employees” and thus cannot “fire” you. They may choose to quit or you may fire them, but you are the one who makes the decisions based on their recommendations. And as Jackie so eloquently states in her above article, if a doctor is resistant or hostile to your decisions it may be time for you to say “you’re fired”!

    As a physician I frequently see this patient-doctor relationship reversed. Some doctors come to the exam room with the attitude of a benevolent dictator and that patients are helpless, ignorant surfs looking for a leader. And patients all to often submit to the physician either from awe or intimidation. This derangement usually works to the satisfaction of both parties as long as there is agreement, but interject opposing beliefs or views (i.e. vaccine choice) and the relationship quickly changes for the worst.

    Now medical students and resident physicians (recent medical school graduates) are being trained to “persuade” “vaccine hesitant” patients into submitting to vaccinations. See link below:

    Some physicians simply need to be reminded of their proper role in the patient-physician relationship. Some simply need to be “fired”. Remember, you are the one who calls the shots……

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