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It’s Not About Me: Addressing Media Desperation and Distraction

As you know, a few days ago the Texas Observer published a profile on me rating my “fringe-iness” (their non-word, not mine) and level of influence in Texas politics. Still trying to wrap my brain around that one, honestly!

The profile, in my humble opinion, was fairly well done. I mean, the majority of the content was taken from my public Facebook posts (creepy), however, the one thing that baffles me time and time again with the media is how they write about Ashlyn. Despite the fact that I have repeatedly asked them not to include her in their publications (I’m well aware my Facebook page is fair game), they always reference her autism diagnosis in an attempt to discredit her story of vaccine injury.

Let’s get a few things straight.

Autism is NOT her primary diagnosis. As a matter of fact, autism is one of about 20 diagnoses she has. A diagnosis of autism does not qualify a child for:

A) the state medically dependent children’s program,


B) medically necessary homebound instruction from our local ISD.

Both of these programs have found Ashlyn to be eligible for their services.

I have been very open publicly with our challenges navigating the complex system of healthcare for our medically fragile children. Why wasn’t any of that published? If they were going to get content from my Facebook page, why not include that tidbit of info that is clearly stated time and time again?

We all know why.

Because vaccines don’t cause autism. The science is settled (*cough* BOUGHT), and the quickest way to discredit a person or make them look like a “quack” is to lump them in with the Jenny McCarthy-loving, Wakefield-following “anti-vaxxers”. Every single media interview I have done in the last six months has desperately tried to do just that (that’s a whole other blog post in itself!).

Well, here’s the deal: as much as I want to shout Ashlyn’s story from the rooftops, this movement is not about me or Ashlyn.

This movement is about you, your children, their children, and the future of America. It’s about the fight for a fundamental belief that we as parents are best equipped to raise our children as we see fit. It’s about the core of the issue TFVC promotes — protecting and advancing informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice.

The relentless attempts to derail that message is nothing more than desperation on the part of the opposition who is frantically grasping at straws to maintain the control they thought they had over us as individual citizens.

As I always like to point out, friends, we are winning this war one small battle at a time. One playground conversation, one Facebook post, one person at a time. One by one, our message — the truth — is being heard, and it is the duty of each of us to share that message.

With love and gratitude,

4 thoughts on “It’s Not About Me: Addressing Media Desperation and Distraction”

  1. Dear Jackie,

    Thank YOU for all you are, and all you do to preserve the few precious sovereign rights we have left, as Texans, and Americans. The vaccine ‘debate’ is not just about for or against, safe or not, it is about human beings and their inalienable right to their body. A medical intervention, especially one as barbaric as injection, is absolutely not something to be forced, dictated, coherced, and/or legislated.

  2. They use every trick in the book, because the truth is getting out.

    Thank you, Jackie, for all your hard work to educate people about why we need vaccine choice and medical freedom. It should be something everyone wants. Our rights were given by God. We know what is best for our own bodies and our children, NOT the government.

  3. I love you Jackie !
    I believe you are God ordained for this job. I pray for you & TFVC each morning and I thank my sweet Jesus for you !!

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