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Don’t Fall Victim to the Kick The Flu Sales Pitch!

We have received a copy of Austin ISD’s cover letter for the Kick the Flu consent form and, not surprisingly, it is full of misinformation and propaganda.

🚫 “Offering flu vaccinations in a school setting has proven to be effective in preventing illness and reducing absenteeism.”

GREAT NEWS! Apparently just the fact that they are OFFERING the vaccine in a “school setting” will prevent illness! It’s magic! Just the simple act of them holding this vaccination clinic will prevent your child from getting the flu! I’d like to see the science on that one.

DID YOU KNOW: flu vaccine effectiveness (VE) is NOT measured on how many cases of the flu it prevents. From the CDC:

“The U.S. Flu VE Network currently consists of five study sites across the United States that measure the FLU VACCINE’S EFFECTIVENESS AT PREVENTING OUTPATIENT MEDICAL VISITS due to laboratory-confirmed influenza. CDC’s observational studies at U.S. Flu VE Network sites measure outpatient visits for laboratory-confirmed influenza infections… These studies compare the ODDS OF VACCINATION among outpatients with acute respiratory illness and laboratory-confirmed influenza infection to the ODDS OF VACCINATION among outpatients with acute respiratory illness who test negative for influenza infection.” (Emphasis ours).

Translation: they total all of the sick people who come into a clinic (only in these five “study sites”) and count how many test positive for the flu and how many test negative. They then determine what the ODDS are that these people were either vaccinated or not vaccinated. VIOLA! Science.

🚫 “Healthy Schools will be providing flu vaccinations at your child’s school beginning October 10, 2017.”

No specific date given! Per Texas law, in order to obtain legal informed consent, the date of the procedure MUST be given ON THE CONSENT FORM. Even the cover letter doesn’t offer this essential information. We suggest you call your child’s school and politely insist they inform you of the exact date the vaccination clinic will be held .

🚫 “FREE flu vaccine…”

Oh my goodness, isn’t that NICE of them? Just giving them away for free. Such philanthropists. WRONG. Healthy Schools LLC is NOT a non-profit organization. Medicaid and your insurance company pay for the vaccines and Healthy Schools “recoups its costs through existing contract it has with Medicaid and Private Insurance plans.” Hence the need for the used car sales pitch.

🚫 “The flu vaccine (shot) is 100% preservative and antibiotic free!”

FALSE. Based on the consent form, your child will receive either the Fluzone or Flucelvax vaccines. If Healthy Schools is using the multi-dose vials of these vaccines, then thimerosal (a mercury-based preservative) is indeed an ingredient. Other ingredients include formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, dog kidney cells, and chicken embryo cells.

For FULL informed consent, you can read more about thimerosal and its known side effects here. Additionally, the full insert for Fluazone is here and for Flucelvax is here.

🚫 “Your student and entire family will be better protected against the flu this flu season!”

Bold statement, Healthy Schools. Last year’s vaccine was only 42% effective. The CDC says that under ideal circumstances (strain match), the vaccine could only reduce your chance of catching the flu by 50%-60%.

CDC’s Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Estimates 2004-2016

DID YOU KNOW: There are no placebo-controlled randomized trials for flu vaccine efficacy because the CDC feels it would be “unethical” to perform those trials. Apparently, since the FDA has recommended the vaccine for EVERYONE, it would be horrible to conduct a study where they intentionally deny a study participant from the life-saving elixir that is the flu vaccine and give them an actual inert placebo instead.

➡️KNOW THE FACTS so you don’t fall victim to the sales pitch you are being fed by Healthy Schools LLC.



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