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Louisiana Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to End State Cooperation with UN and WHO

The Louisiana Senate recently passed Senate Bill 133 (SB133) with unanimous support. Introduced by Senator Thomas Pressly, the bill aims to terminate state and local cooperation with rules and mandates imposed by international organizations, including the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

SB133 unequivocally asserts that these international entities shall have no jurisdiction or power within the state of Louisiana. It seeks to bar enforcement of any rule, regulation, fee, tax, policy, or mandate originating from the UN, WHO, or the World Economic Forum within the state’s borders.

This bill represents a firm commitment to upholding state sovereignty and protecting Louisiana residents from external influences that may infringe upon their rights and freedoms. By refusing to cooperate with international mandates, Louisiana would assert its autonomy and safeguard the interests of its citizens against large organizations that wish to take away medical liberty. 

Texans for Vaccine Choice stands in solidarity with Louisiana in advocating for the preservation of states’ rights and the fundamental freedoms of all Americans. Our Attorney General Ken Paxton has flexed his authority in this area, as well, over the last two years by submitting a legal petition questioning the rulemaking authority of the WHO as well as suing the Biden administration in an attempt to prevent the WHO from “exerting alarming authority over the United States”. We applaud these efforts!

As SB133 moves to the Louisiana House for further consideration, Texans for Vaccine Choice urges citizens to stay informed and engaged in the legislative process. Together, we can uphold the principles of medical liberty and ensure that the voices of the people are heard in matters that affect their health and well-being.

2 thoughts on “Louisiana Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to End State Cooperation with UN and WHO”

  1. Stefanie Sellars

    I just asked Carolyn Harris to copy the bills language or come up with her own and protect Texans sovereignty against the Who and the UN? I CCed, a friend, and I’m asking her to do the same period would you please reach out to Representative Carolyn Harris and ask her as well? Being asked three times to do the same thing, it’s better than two.

    [email protected]

    Maybe ask everyone? Or the ones that are definitely open to this? You would know better than I.

    Better to do something about this like Louisiana did while we still can then to not feel the pain of it.

    Thank you! Together we move mountains.


    Kindest regards

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