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Tennessee Legislature Passes Bill Prohibiting Vaccines in Food

The Tennessee Legislature’s recent passage of HB1894, a bill requiring any food product containing vaccine material be labeled a “drug”, underscores the importance of informed consent for consumers. The measure, which awaits Governor Bill Lee’s signature, addresses concerns about potential health risks associated with vaccines in produce, as well as meat from livestock that have been given vaccines. 

Introduced in response to reports of scientists exploring the incorporation of vaccines into food items for “convenience”, HB1894 seeks to classify food containing vaccines or vaccine material as drugs. This legislative action reflects a growing awareness of the need to preserve consumers’ right to know and ensure transparency in healthcare practices.

In a climate where public trust in healthcare institutions is waning, initiatives like HB1894 can help heal a divide between Americans and public health “experts” by promoting transparency and the right to choose. By requiring prescriptions for vaccine-containing food items, Tennessee lawmakers are taking proactive steps to protect citizens from potential risks and ensure that medical decisions remain in the hands of individuals. .

While it awaits the Governor’s signature, the passage of HB1894 by the Tennessee Legislature highlights the critical importance of informed consent in healthcare. By prohibiting vaccines on food and upholding the principles of individual autonomy, Tennessee lawmakers are taking a proactive stance in protecting the rights and well-being of their citizens.

1 thought on “Tennessee Legislature Passes Bill Prohibiting Vaccines in Food”

  1. I sure do hope he signs the bills! Informed consent is very important in any medical procedure & medication administration. I don’t see any provision for allergic reaction in the ” medicine in food” mandate.

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