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Vaccine Safety Trial Results Go Unpublished

Fron our September 20, 2018 Facebook post:

“The trial concluded in 2016, but the results have not yet appeared on the EU Clinical Trials Register (EUCTR), in breach of EU law…nor published anywhere else.

The failure to register means there is currently no way for the public to know how those children fared.

Dr Ben Goldacre, the Oxford academic whose analysis revealed the PHE omission, told The Sunday Telegraph: “It is incomprehensible to me that Public Health England of all the trials it could leave unreported to have failed to comply with the legal requirements to report trials of vaccines.””


5 thoughts on “Vaccine Safety Trial Results Go Unpublished”

  1. del bigtree has issued a letter detailing the slipshod corrupt methods used by the cdc in approving vaccines. this has been going on for many years. it is a long letter to the cdc asking why the safety aspect of vaccines has been neglected for a very very long time. just the aspect of promoting vaccines has been engaged in. the cdc didnt care about safety.just didnt do anything about safety despite the fact that the institute of medicine clearly called for same many times over the years.

  2. Because of the law Regan passed in 1986 giving all drug companies complete immunity from any vaccine they make, they don’t test their vaccines anymore that is why there are no results they are testing them in real life on you and me and our children.

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