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Your TFVC Voter Guide

The fight for your rights begins right here at the ballot box! Early voting is October 13th – 30th and Election Day is November 3rd!
Here is your TFVC General Election voter guide:

Download a printable version of the guide HERE.

What is my HD, SD, and CD?

To find the districts in which you live, click HERE.

Where do I vote?

Find your polling locations HERE.

I don’t see my district or favorite candidate on the list!

If you do not see your district or your favorite candidate on our list, we encourage you to reach out to any candidate and ask them these specific questions (a sampling taken from our longer Candidate Survey) as a constituent:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. Individuals should be free to decline vaccines for themselves or their children without consequence or interference.

2. Vaccine mandates for certain jobs should be passed legislatively.

3. Vaccinations are medical procedures. All medical procedures come with risks and should be performed only with informed consent. Mandates for any medical procedure violate the tenets of informed consent.

4. An individual’s vaccination status should be privacy-protected information.

This voter guide is made possible by contributions from Texans like you. Consider becoming a monthly donor so that TFVC is able to continue providing these valuable services!


6 thoughts on “Your TFVC Voter Guide”

  1. I refuse to take the vaccine for Covid-19. My immune system has already been compromised with lupus. I also don’t believe they are capable of curing anything. Give the vaccine to Congress first since they caused it, and we’ll see how they do.

  2. Vaccines have never worked. It’s just a ploy to control the population. And, I don’t need to be poisoned with aluminum, formaldehyde and mercury..

  3. I’ve a physician and have been a lifelong anti-vaxer but cannot in good conscience vote for any democrat, regardless of where they “stand” on the issue. Their marxist agenda will obliterate numerous choices and freedoms. If they say otherwise on any issue, it’s extremely likely merely a vote grabbing lie.

  4. It should be a choice… that’s why we live in America… Freedom of Choice… These law makers wouldn’t like it if We the People started making laws that they didn’t like or want to do……

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