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ACTION ALERT: Contact the Republican Party of Texas NOW!

Team TFVC is no stranger to rolling with the punches and being incredibly flexible. But I can’t help but giggle as I open up our content management system and see 100 notifications all updated as “revised plan.” We have found ourselves having to incrementally scale down our plans for exhibiting at the Texas GOP Convention as we’ve watched week after painful week of delays, cancellations and legal proceedings and yet, still, on the eve of the Convention, we still do not know if it is happening as an in-person convention in Houston next week.

While we keep a good sense of humor about all of it and are very committed to showing up as state delegates for our Party, our patience is running thin on the exhibitor side. On Monday, June 29th, TFVC and the coalition it represents sent a letter to Chairman James Dickey asking for the Party’s plans to proceed or refund the convention fees. Worse than the money spent in advance for this convention is the precious time our volunteers have committed. These families are already stretched thin, navigating very complex circumstances for the most vulnerable of our Texas citizens. Many in this coalition have planned for months to provide care for their special needs loved ones while they volunteer at the event. They have spent their own money to reserve accommodations and have donated their vehicles to load and unload our booth and materials. And, yet, our calls and pleas for clarification have been a dead-end street with zero communication from the Party. Moreover, yesterday Rebecca called the exhibit hall coordinator yesterday and she had even less information than Rebecca had!

As a state delegate, it’s challenging enough to wait until the SREC meeting Saturday night to leave Sunday morning for the convention. But it’s nearly impossible for us to have the truck and trailer loaded as an exhibitor, ready to go on a moment’s notice.

And if all of this has not been bad enough, let’s have an honest moment:
While I fully appreciate the complexity and challenges in making alternative arrangements, I am incredibly concerned by the lack of leadership in our state. This entire situation is so much bigger than just a state convention. It’s far worse than an overreaching tyrannical governor. This is about saving Texas because if Texas falls, we ALL fall. And falling means socialism. Falling means social workers in every home. Falling means handing over the economic success Texas is known for. It means the thousands who fled to our state as a medical refugee will find themselves in the same corrupt system they fled with the medical mandate mob in charge. It means complete and total ownership if you and your family, if they don’t succeed in turning your children against you first. Our elected officials are failing. Our Party is failing, and it’s abundantly clear the only hope to save TEXAS is at the grassroots level- and even that is being interfered with.



Contact the Republican Party of Texas NOW and tell them you want: 

1. An IN PERSON convention with exhibitors in attendance!

2. To immediately RELOCATE THE CONVENTION TO MONTGOMERY COUNTY should the Texas Supreme Court rule that Houston is allowed to cancel the contract to host the RPT Convention as originally planned. 

CALL: 512-477-9821
EMAIL: [email protected]

3 thoughts on “ACTION ALERT: Contact the Republican Party of Texas NOW!”

  1. I hope you realize that not everyone who believes in vaccine choice is a Republican. The Republican Party is not my party. Your statement “falling means socialism. Falling means social workers in every home. Falling means handing over the economic success Texas is known for” is highly opinionated and in fact is guilty of the slippery slope fallacy. We need people from all parts of the political spectrum to support medical freedom; it’s not just a Republican or conservative issue. There are plenty of liberals and libertarians who also favor it. It’s just unfortunate that most Democratic politicians and liberal journalists spout the pro-vaccine line, usually because they only know the Big Pharma side of the story. But plenty of Republicans are pro-vaccine mandate, too. I just don’t think you should alienate anyone.

    1. Lori Smiskol BCND, CNHP, PMA

      I agree, this is much bigger then who is Democrat and who is Republican… We are all in this together. We all want medical choice and choice for no vaccines and many of us want no socialist agenda and our freedoms back. I am glad to see Democrats wanting this too. It’s a personal choice…. And we must love our neighbors and agree to disagree. We all just want the best for our families.

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