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ACTION ALERT! Exemptions Under Threat!

If you’ve been following, you know that Texans for Vaccine Choice took action months ago in anticipation that school districts might incorrectly apply current state vaccine exemption law (TAC 97.62) in light of the declared C0V1D-19 by attempting to exclude students with exemptions for any vaccine because of the declared emergency, even though a vaccine relevant to the C0V1D-19 emergency does not yet exist.

We are grateful to Rep. James for filing an official Attorney General Opinion Request on our behalf earlier this summer. We have patiently waited for the Attorney General’s response.

We are sad to report that we have evidence of our first ISD threatening this exact action.

How does Conroe ISD not see the absurdity in excluding students with exemptions for some vaccines under the justification that we are experiencing an outbreak of a disease for which there is not yet even a vaccine?

While Conroe ISD threatens the medical rights of their students, the Attorney General has stayed silent.


STEP ONE: Reach out to Attorney General Ken Paxton and ask him to immediately clarify the code before any more Texas schools attempt to remove the rights of their students by misapplying the law and going against its historical implementation.

Contact form:

Sample Message:
Opinion request RQ-0364-KP regarding vaccine exemption policy was received by your office on July 20 from Rep. White. Please clarify this section of law as quickly as possible. TAC 97.62 has historically been applied very precisely and carefully, and I am concerned about my school misapplying the law during the declared Covid-19 emergency as we are seeing Conroe ISD attempt.

STEP TWO: Reach out to Conroe ISD to tell them to stop threatening illegal exclusions of students with exemptions.

Update: 10:30am / August 20, 2020
That was quick! Conroe ISD listened and removed the threatening verbiage from their FAQ webpage. Well done, freedom fighters! (No need to continue contacting Conroe ISD, but please continue to reach out to the AG!)

Sample Message:
On your Roadmap to Reopening In-person FAQ page, you are threatening to exclude students with vaccine exemptions due to the declared emergency. I have some questions about this proposed policy:
Can you explain how it makes sense medically to refuse exemptions for some vaccines when the declared emergency is for a disease for which there is not yet even a vaccine?
Can you provide me another example of when TAC 97.62 has been applied in such a manner?
This policy is completely out of line with the historical application of the statute, and I hope to see Conroe ISD remove this “threat” on their FAQ page immediately.

4 thoughts on “ACTION ALERT! Exemptions Under Threat!”

  1. Might want to check New Caney ISD I got an email stating my son’s exemption wasn’t valid or something to that affect and promptly received an email stating it was a mistake…

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