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A Personal Request for Your Help From Dr. Peter Osborne

My son Kane is fighting a serious battle and needs your help. He is taking legal action against Wharton County Junior College and the state of Texas.


Because they have denied him access to enroll in college.

You see, the Texas governor has declared a state of emergency due to C0VID-19. Because of this emergency declaration, some colleges, with guidance from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, are denying religious (also called “conscientious”) vaccine exemptions. They want to mandate that all students get a meningitis vaccine as a requirement to enroll in school because of the declared C0VID-19 emergency. Last time I checked, meningitis and C0VID-19 have nothing to do with each other.

This is an obvious government overreach and an infringement on all of our religious rights.

If they can deny access to school, what’s next? Will they start denying access to work, travel, and other areas of our daily lives in the name of vaccines for safety?

There is a legitimate fear and real possibility that our politicians will work together with big pharma to enforce mandatory C0VID-19 vaccinations. We already know that they are working at “warp speed” to get a vaccine rushed through. We know that it typically takes years to develop and properly test a vaccine for safety and effectiveness. So by default, we know that the result of this rush job is going to be a vaccine with limited testing and the potential to be a dangerous threat to our health.

California and New York have already taken away religious vaccine exemptions, and they are persecuting doctors who write medical vaccine exemptions for their patients. So don’t keep your head in the sand on this. It’s critical that we start taking action now.

That’s why my son Kane has so bravely stepped up to take action, and we need your help.

This litigation has the potential to put in place protections for you and your families. This case will challenge government overreach into our private lives, into our ability to make decisions about our health, into our ability to live as free citizens.

What Can You Do?

In an effort to make sure that you always have the freedom to choose what goes into your body, please donate to our legal fund today. This battle is just starting. It will be expensive, it will be stressful, but it will be worth it!

If we win now, it will help lay down the framework and set legal precedent to protect us all from the pharmaceutical-government complex and the impending C0VID-19 vaccine mandates.


Read Dr. Osborne’s Biography here.

41 thoughts on “A Personal Request for Your Help From Dr. Peter Osborne”

  1. Push your case through to federal court as quickly as possible. Bypass local and state jurisdiction as best you can. That’s how you win on constitutional grounds.

    1. I pray every day that this will never happen. We need to protect our children. I will have u in my prayers that u will succeed in your mission. And I will definitely donate to help. Thank you for doing that and don’t give up. You will save a lot of life.

    2. I believe that we are under attack, and that no one has Any right to freedom of conscious to choose for themselves. It is about the (money ) and the elites seemingly have it made. They are in for a shock, soon enough, our Commander and Chief and His Army Jesus Christ will be back soon to avenge us.

      I tried to donate for your sons petitions but it wouldn’t let me, I am in Sydney Australia

  2. It’s not a conspiracy theory. Government is trying to make covid19 vaccine mandatory. All the government officials has big pharma stocks in their pockets. They aren’t working for regular citizens, their are working on their wealth. Greed and run for power rule the government. Shame!

    1. You’re absolutely correct, but it goes much deeper than anything you can imagine. Thanks for your honesty. Speaking the truth is becoming a crime these days. Stay strongmstay safe, we need more people like you.

    2. You’re absolutely correct, but it goes much deeper than anything you can imagine. Thanks for your honesty. Speaking the truth is becoming a crime these days. Stay strongmstay safe, we need more people like you.

  3. I agree with James above. What more could I add except no one has a right to deny one an education because they choose not to have a vaccination. It is your body and you should make the choice, the decision as to what is done to it.

    I would like to donate but money is very tight for us right now. I will keep this e-mail up and try to give something next week and hope it is not too late.

    You are very brave Kane and I wish you success and I believe as you do and your Dad too and you will be successful.

  4. Dear Dr.Osborne and Kane Osborne ~ First of all, thank you Dr.Osborne for all the free content you have provided to us over the years and your excellent book, No Grain No Pain. I am happy to donate to this cause, as I believe as you do and it’s the least I can do after all you have contributed to the public domain.

    To Kane, you are a brave young man to take this on and I commend you. It is something that needs to be done and I am hoping that more and more people will step up and say NO. This is unacceptable and if anyone wants to see just how truly unacceptable it is, please check out the list of vaccine adjuvants provided by the CDC itself. Add this list of poisons to the government overreach and it is clear that some thing must be done to stop the campaign of terror, this trying to control people through fear, intimidation and misinformation.

    Dr. Osborne, thank you for all the good you do in the world. There are many, many people out here who look forward to your videos and e-mails and appreciate all the time and energy you put into providing this content to us at no charge. This is the perfect opportunity for us to give something back.

    Sincerely, Fiona in Oregon

  5. It’s going to take all hands on deck to turn the momentum on this one, as the powers that be see this as a must-win. I’m hoping you are networking with like minded folks and organizations for a synergistic effort. Ty & Charlene Bollinger, Dr Rashid Buttar, Mike Adams (Health Ranger) are all in Texas and would be great allies. Del Bigtree with The Highwire would be another one, as well as Robert F Kennedy Jr and the Children’s Defense Fund. Godspeed!

    1. A hearty amen to that! They’ve already forged the trail, bringing lawsuits and winning. With their expertise, they would all be of tremendous help.

  6. I live in Australia so I doubt my opinion would make any difference. Just had to have my say as I am so enraged about any vaccination being compulsory. Health is not a one size fits all. 😡

  7. It is no hindsight that our freedoms are being threatened increasingly with each passing day. It is time to say NO MORE! The few have been running the masses for too long now. If GATES and all the BIG PHARMA henchmen have their way, we will all become transhuman pin cushions. Whatever happened to UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

      1. Yes, can we sign on to the suit somehow? the more the merrier – we need a HUGE list of AMERICAN citizens and VETERANS (like in my case, as I have va((ine damage from them) – the more people, the greater the impact. If we can, send out an email to all on the list who donated requesting as such. PLEASE. And for the atty – separating medical and govt and split interests like Fau ci. God-speed!

  8. I wish I could donate but I’ve lost everything with Covid although I absolutely support your position and appreciate what you’re up to. I’m in California and they’ll have to take me kicking in screaming do this vaccine.

  9. I already have to fight off oppressive demands by schools and doctor offices over antibiotics and theres no way I could face chemical treatments with my having to endure fibromyalgia for that very mistake of trusting traditional prescriptions. My body is not someone elses domaine. They don’t suffer the consequences of long term suffering intense pain FROM CHEMICALS WHICH ARE ACTUALLY TOXINS. In MY experience it is all about the money and not the healing. I do not condone non-nutritional cash cow treatments where I am left once again with “I am sorry”.

    Not following down the garden path. Who are you to tell others what is mandatory? We are not cows and frankly look at the condition of the cows health? Mind your own business another Doctor Mengele we do not need.

  10. Power to the People! Freedom of choice is vital and an individuals right especially for any medical intervention. Insisting on a Compulsory Meningitis Vaccine because of Covid-19 this has nothing to do with what’s happening right now the college is manipulating the situation for its own agenda

  11. I am full agreement but since I am Hungarian living in Budapest I really cannot help as it’s a US problem. Best of luck!

  12. I strongly believe in medical freedoms and I think I should be deciding for my body not government.

    Unfortunately they are trying to make covid19 vaccine mandatory.

  13. Mandating some vaccines makes sense eg the measles vaccine for children which has basically eliminated measles. This should rely on the majority of Medical Expertise. Mandating every vaccine that comes along is dangerous.

  14. Dr. Osborne, Kane, thank you for taking on such a monumental endeavor and

    fighting for all of us. Take every detail to the Lord in prayer. “Not by might, not

    by power, but by My Spirit, sayeth the Lord of Hosts. God grant you supernatural

    wisdom and favor and go before you in court, in Jesus name, Amen.

  15. I saw this on your email.
    I have seen a site called that have a crowd funding section running for brave citizens who are trying to stand up for freedom. It might be worth contacting them for a donation.
    Good luck

  16. Mercedes D'Adderio

    This is beyond religious rights. Atheists and the like have the same right as human beings to take control over their own bodies. The same with politics. This is not about left or right. It’s about freedom. Without it, life has no human meaning.

  17. Dr. Osborne and Kane, I’m a legal resident of Texas currently living outside the USA. This whole vaccine debacle in the US will, unfortunately, be copied by most of the rest of the world. When the once-greatest nation in the world goes down the tubes, others will surely follow that descent into tyranny. I am praying heartily for your victory, which can only be accomplished by God’s great mercy. Kane, you are indeed David facing Goliath, to the 10th power, but God is greater! So rest in His strength and know that you are fighting the GOOD fight! The pharmaceutical industry controls most governments in the world, so they will not give up their stranglehold easily. Be strong, be true, be faithful. You have a Much Bigger Ally! God Bless and keep you.

    1. Big pharma gonna eff us all, they are rich, they are making huge money on our misery, we need to unite and fight back. United we are unbeatable..

      A fighter.
      Dorota Nieradka.
      Garfield. New Jersey. USA.

  18. I gladly help in a small way. Good luck with the court case, you need it. It is hard “to scream against thunder” as the saying goes. We will all benefit.
    I would like to take this occasion and thank you for all your F R E E lectures
    from which we benefit so much. We learn what a wonderful miracle our body is and how to treat it to stay well.

  19. I hope you win this case! I am having a hard time finding a daycare they will allow me to delay and exempt some vaccinations for my daughter. As much as we have freedom in this country, we don’t have full freedom.

  20. My family is glad to help support this endeavor. It is definitely an important one, and the results may well affect us all in the future. With four kids (three of them teens), we’ve battled the vaccine exemption with one school, and expect the same with junior colleges in the near future. I remind my family often that none of what is happening is a surprise to God! He is faithful, no matter the outcome.

  21. People like you make me worry about sending my child to school. Get the freaking shot and shut up. Stop making such a big deal over a meningitis shot and being selfish. Its a requirement for a reason. Also, your son is not brave. Coming forward about an issue that shouldn’t and couldn’t be changed because you’re trying to get some free money out of a lawsuit is disappointing and embarrassing. Go find another issue to drill on and annoy people on. Also, screw Donald Trump and that’s why Biden is president.

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