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#TyrannySquad Queen Rep. Donna Howard is, yet again, searching for ways to increase the profits for vaccine manufacturers. This time, she is targeting vulnerable college students with HB 989. On its face, HB 989 seems benign – commissioning the creation of a state strategy plan for lowering HPV rates among young adults. However, during this bill’s hearing in March, Rep. Howard made her ultimate goal very clear as she willfully misrepresented its language. She stated that the bill would require the state to promote increased immunization as a means to prevent HPV and cancer on college campuses; though this text is not in the bill, TFVC was unsurprised and fully prepared to speak about this potential during the hearing.

Now it’s YOUR turn to speak up and keep this bill from moving forward. Read below for how to make your voice heard! Tell members of the Higher Education Committee not to allow the state to promote Gardasil for college students.

1. Email the Committee Members:

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] 


Dear Representative,

I am writing to you today to ask you to please vote “no” on HB 989 to prevent it from moving through the Texas House.

This bill would use our state resources to market an unproven and unpopular pharmaceutical product to Texas college students.

Thank you,

2. Call the Committee Members:

Chair John Kuempel – 512-463-0602
Vice-Chair Dennis Paul – 512-463-0734
Rep. John H. Bucy, III – 512-463-0696
Rep. DeWayne Burns – 512-463-0538
Rep. Dustin Burrows – 512-463-0542
Rep. Travis Clardy – 512-463-0592
Rep. Sheryl Cole – 512-463-0506
Rep. Mary E. Gonzales – 512-463-0613
Rep. Donna Howard* – 512-463-0631
Rep. Suleman Lalani – 512-463-0596
Rep. John Raney – 512-463-0698

*Bill Author 

Please vote “no” on HB 989!

3. Participate in our Twitter Storm:

Hop on Twitter and share your story of HPV vaccine injury or others’ accounts of adverse events following Gardasil. Tag @DonnaHowardTX & @TXForVaxChoice, and use hashtags #NotExtremelySafe #NotExtremelyEffective #HB989 #txlege

5 thoughts on “ACTION ALERT: OPPOSE HB 989”

  1. Beverly Tyler

    The people of Texas do not support this bill. We do not need yet more experimental drugs given the college age young people. Their supposed prevention is nothing but another way to enrich those that have invested in the pharmaceutical companies and can have very negative effects on our college age students.

  2. Kelly Hartmann

    The people of Texas do NOT support this bill. There are too many children and adolescents that have been vax harmed all for the pharma companies to make billions and billions more.
    This HAS to stop!
    PLEASE do the right thing and vote NO to this bill!

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