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Action Alert: Oppose SB 636 – Your Medical Privacy is at Risk!

A BAD BILL (SB 636) will be heard in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee this WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14.


Participate From Home – Email the Committee

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]


Dear Senator,

I am writing today to voice my opposition to SB 636, being heard in HHS this Wednesday, April 14. My child’s vaccination status deserves the same protection as any other medical status, such as HIV, HepB, or pregnancy status. This bill would make it easier for staff and parents to deduce which students have vaccine exemptions, opening the door for students to be discriminated against, harassed, and bullied. No amount of anti-bullying campaigns can counter the threat of being “outed” that this report will create.

No public health policy reason exists for this bill. My children are NOT diseased and are NOT a threat. Please vote NO on SB 636.

Thank you,

Or use your own personal experience in your email to the committee regarding a breach of your child’s private medical information occurring at school or your child experiencing bullying or discrimination based on vaccination status.

Participate IN PERSON at the Capitol – TWO ways!

A- Register Against the Bill
Come to the capitol on WEDNESDAY anytime before 2:00 pm and use either your personal tablet or the Senate kiosks in the building extension to register your opposition to the bill. If you use your personal tablet, you must be connected to Capitol WiFi to be able to register. When you arrive look for a TFVC Docent in their red TFVC t-shirts and they will help you navigate the registration process. Can’t find a TFVC Docent and need assistance? Text 512-829-7132. No masking. No testing. Quick, painless, and EFFECTIVE! Remember that only the north entrance is available this Session.
Learn more about the registration process here:

B- Testify Against the Bill
Ready to dive into testifying orally during a hearing? We make it easy! Promise! You can write your own TWO-minute testimony or we’ll provide speaking notes for you.
Email Rebecca today to get more information: [email protected]

ABOUT THIS BAD BILL – SB 636: School Campus Reporting

Requires a biennial report on disease outbreaks, including immunization exemption information, and the annual reporting of vaccine exemptions at the school campus level.

Read the bill HERE.

Read the TFVC one-pager about this bill HERE.

Committee Hearing Notice HERE.

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