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Press Release: Governor Abbott’s Vaccine Passport EO

Texans for Vaccine Choice applauds Governor Abbott for promptly addressing the concerns of Texans fearful of an infringement of their right to medical privacy and vaccine choice. We now call on Governor Abbott and the Texas Legislature to strengthen the state’s recent “vaccine passport” executive order.

Today, Jackie Schlegel, Executive Director of Texans for Vaccine Choice, released the following statement:

“Governor Abbott has made clear that the COVID-19 vaccine is and will remain voluntary for all Texans. Today’s executive order is a good start, ensuring local governments and government entities cannot require COVID vaccinations as a condition for receiving services or entering government buildings.

However, Governor Abbott must expand his executive order to include protecting Texans’ right to conduct business without restrictions related to vaccination status and to visit family in long term care facilities without restrictions related to vaccination status. The pandemic response must not create two classes of people in Texas, and citizens must not be discriminated against because of their personal medical decisions. All Texans must be allowed to return to normal life immediately. Employees must be allowed to return to work, regardless of vaccination status, and Texans’ right to informed consent must be honored in ALL businesses and long-term care facilities.”

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