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AG Paxton Discusses Holding Vaccine Manufacturers Accountable with Tucker Carlson

Throughout the years, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been relentless in his efforts to hold vaccine manufacturers accountable and stand in the gap between Texans and a tyrannical mandata-obsessed White House. His ultimate goal is to ensure everyone in the Lone Star State has a right to make their own medical decisions without coercion and with full informed consent. 

AG Paxton’s attempts to investigate vaccine manufacturers for deceptive trade practices have illuminated the significant lack of accountability within the pharmaceutical industry, particularly when it comes to vaccines. His steadfast determination to safeguard the interests of Texans through lawsuits against Big Pharma and its cheerleaders within the federal government has placed him at the forefront of the battle for vaccine safety and medical liberty.

Paxton’s work in this arena is not a newfound mission; it is a cornerstone of his tenure as Texas Attorney General. He has consistently championed accountability and the right to informed consent when it comes to vaccination. It is due to his swift and decisive action that most Texans were never subject to the broad COVID-19 vaccine mandates proposed by the Biden administration. His dedication to preserving medical liberty was repeatedly demonstrated during the pandemic, and continues to this day.

Fresh off his recent impeachment trial acquittal, he took direct aim at Big Pharma, noting on Tucker Carlson that he believes that the announcement that his office planned to investigate Pfizer and Moderna is what drew the ire of the medical mafia, contributing to his temporary suspension from office. Now that he is back at the helm as the top law enforcement officer in the State of Texas, he intends to renew this effort at holding vaccine manufacturers accountable for faulty data and lack of safety testing.

TFVC recognizes that the issue of vaccine safety extends beyond the borders of Texas. Likewise, AG Paxton’s advocacy transcends state lines, making him a prominent figure in the nationwide conversation surrounding vaccine safety and accountability. His actions send a strong message that pharmaceutical companies must be held to the highest standards for safety and transparency, and that any product they market must remain voluntary for consumers.

In an era when vaccine-related concerns are on the rise, AG Paxton’s steadfast commitment to vaccine safety and accountability is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the health and well-being of Texas residents and all Americans. TFVC welcomes AG Paxton back so he can continue to hold the medical mafia accountable! 

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