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Australian Pfizer Officials Fail to Answer Basic Question About COVID Vaccine Side Effects

Before the Australian Senate last week, two officials from Pfizer Australia failed to answer a simple yes/no question about their mRNA COVID vaccine. The two doctors panicked and scrambled during the hearing as Senator Gerard Rennick asked them repeatedly if they are aware of the mechanism by which the Pfizer vaccine causes myocarditis and pericarditis in some cases.

After asking the same question five times, Senator Rennick was never provided a straight answer by either Big Pharma rep. Instead, they simply regurgitated Pfizer talking points about safety and efficacy.

Revelations about the COVID vaccine’s connection to heart inflammation, and the manufacturers’ knowledge of the connection, continue to emerge, but Big Pharma prefers not to recognize that any risk exists. They would rather deflect or even suppress these stories than publicly acknowledge any harm done.

Informed consent is treated more like a theory than a practice, and practitioners are systematically discouraged from sharing important information about risks and benefits of the COVID vaccine, leading to the sharp uptick in “cause unknown” incidents such as the countless young athletes collapsing during play. The side effects of the COVID vaccine are unbeknownst to the billions who have received it, and the system is set up in such a way that manufacturers are shielded from accountability or obligation to compensate those who suffer after vaccination.

The reality of vaccine injury and death is being noticed by more and more people, and the official narrative is crumbling with each story that is shared and each public hearing at which Big Pharma shills are taken to task. This example from Australia is just the latest in a series of tough interrogations from government officials across the globe, and we are here for it!

With your help, medical liberty is making strides here in the land of the free, but especially here in Texas. Fighting the global pharmaceutical elite is a huge task and a team effort, and we must remain vigilant in standing for the truth!

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