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We need YOU to be a vaccine choice delegate to the State Conventions!

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Why Be A Delegate to Your Party’s State Convention?

The state conventions of both the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) and Texas Democrats is where the State Parties define their principles and beliefs in their Party Platform and elect party leadership. 

Republicans: This is a critical meeting for the Texas vaccine choice movement. The Republican Party of Texas is the only statewide political party that specifically recognizes the fundamental principles of parental rights, conscientious objections, and vaccine choice. (See planks 250, 251, 253, 261, 262, 268, 270, 271, and 284 of the RPT Platform here.)

Democrats: This is your opportunity to lay a strong foundation for medical freedom as currently the Texas Democrats’ platform does not support vaccine choice (See the Preventive Health section of the Texas Democrats Platform here.) 

The state conventions are our opportunity to inject vaccine choice planks, resolutions, and priorities into the state parties’ guiding documents.

Who Is Eligible to Attend a State Convention?

Anyone who is a registered voter, has voted in either parties’ Primary, or is willing to take an oath of affiliation, and has been duly elected by their local conventions (see Precinct and County/Senate District Convention details below). Reminder: you can only participate in the convention process for the party you vote for in the March 1 Primary Election.

What Is a Delegate?

Delegates are grassroots activists who participate in shaping the role, direction, and platform of the State Parties in Texas. Delegates may introduce vaccine choice resolutions and can attend the State Convention, but delegates must be chosen or elected by their respective Party of their local county or at their Senate District Conventions (See Step 2 below). 

When Will I Be Needed?

There are three levels of involvement where YOUR vaccine choice voice is needed. 

Step 1: Precinct Conventions: After the March 1 Primary

Attend your 2022 Precinct Convention. Precinct Conventions will be held sometime after the polls close on Primary Election Day (March 1) and before the start of the County/Senate District Conventions (March 19). Texans for Vaccine Choice can help you determine the exact location and time of your Precinct Convention. At the Precinct Convention, you run to be a delegate who will serve  at the next convention (see Step 2).

The precinct conventions are generally easy and short; those present vote on delegates as well as on resolutions to be considered at both the Senate District Conventions and at the State Convention. 

Step 2: County / Senate District Conventions: March 26

If you are elected to be a delegate at your precinct convention, you then attend the convention of your local county party or your Senate District Convention (we will help you find the exact details on the time and location). These conventions last one full day and consist of voting on policies and procedures for the State Convention, including vaccine choice resolutions. You can also run to be a delegate to the State Convention (See Step 3).

Step 3: State Convention: Summer 2022

Republicans: The Republican Party of Texas State Convention will be in Houston June 16-18.

Democrats: The Texas Democrats State Convention will be in Dallas July 14-17

As a delegate to the State Convention, you can testify before various committees on various issues, including vaccine choice issues. Additionally, votes on the whole platform and on party officials also occur at the State Convention. If you choose to participate in committee hearings, you will need to plan to arrive at the state convention earlier in the week. 

Exact dates and details depend on your local Party.
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Precinct, County/Senate District, and State Conventions.  
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7 thoughts on “We need YOU to be a vaccine choice delegate to the State Conventions!”

  1. Hello
    I would love to be a delegate for my Republican Party. How, where and when may I join. I live in magnolia.
    I await your response.

  2. Recently I directed COVID Crimes: A Witness featuring Dr. Richard Fleming. The production is a video affidavit speaking to the truth behind the bioweapon. He details what took place and the nature of the actual gain of function modifications. The fifty-five minute video is a “must see” for all delegates seeking to shape a platform that addresses the threat. When one understands the science behind the vaccines, and the delivery of genetic coding for the pathogen spike protein into human cells, the mandate issue takes on a new urgency. Delegates may realize the discussion is less about “liberty” than it is about “life.” While most delegates will know about the horrendous adverse events in response to the gene therapy, they may not know why that is happening and how to prevail in a debate on the issue. Watching COVID Crimes will greatly improve their understanding. View at:

  3. Christine Leviton

    I am very interested in knowing more about being part of this organization!
    I live in La Grange TX
    Is there a local group that I can meet to start with?

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