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Be sure to vote. Here’s the TFVC Voter Guide!

Today marks the start of early voting in the 2022 Primary Election, and part of being a fierce advocate for medical freedom is voting.

It’s hard to remember an election cycle when the issue of medical freedom was more mainstream than this primary election – it’s your time to shine!

Download and print the TFVC Voter Guide to see a list of candidates who have signed the TFVC Vaccine Protection Pledge or otherwise called for a 4th Special Session to ban vaccine mandates. It is completely legal to take our Voter Guide into the polls with you. However, you are NOT allowed to use your phone in the voting booth so plan ahead.

Of course, if you have questions about where your candidates stand, reach out, and we’ll be more than happy to help with your research.

This week you can expect another short email from us about the convention process and ensuring that medical freedom and vaccine choice are advanced as planks and priorities in state party platforms.

Participation in the primary and convention process will be essential to ensure medical freedom is adequately addressed during the 2023 Legislative Session.


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