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Be Brave

Speaking with a friend today, I was shocked to learn she hadn’t shared publicly that she supports vaccine choice legislation and has never vaccinated her children. She believes so firmly that it was the right decision for her family. It doesn’t help that her sister is a pharmaceutical rep either! Another friend of mine confided under hushed breath that she delayed her son’s shots significantly but didn’t want anyone to know. She was scared of retaliation that could affect her child. Reflecting back to the first time I mentioned my stand to my family, they all thought I was nuts. Eighteen years later, remaining firm and educating as much as possible, they now stand with me. But I must admit, some of those conversations were flat out uncomfortable.

I get it. Taking a stand in today’s environment can be pretty hostile. It’s easy to hide even though you agree that we should maintain the right to choose and that we must have informed consent. Let me encourage you to be brave, for the path ahead of us is far scarier if we aren’t brave now.

I know you WANT to be brave. Whether you want to delay vaccine schedules with your family or avoid them all together, you DO want those precious rights to remain. Are you aware that your rights are in GRAVE DANGER? In the last legislative session there were seventeen bills that we fought with all our might. We actually succeeded in defeating them along with other great groups, but that means our enemies are just going to step up the efforts this next session. Don’t forget – they have tons of money to influence legislators that are up for sale. NOW is absolutely the time to gather your courage and be brave.

Bravery comes in many forms. We aren’t all made to stand on a podium. We don’t all have huge bank account balances waiting to donate either. But here ARE things most of us CAN do….

JOIN Texans for Vaccine Choice. Do THIS step NOW, right here, on the website. Legislators are looking at membership numbers. Social media does not count. Even if you don’t live in Texas, your membership is extremely valuable. The entire nation is watching Texas. Help your state by standing with Texans for Vaccine Choice.

Donate $10, $20, $50 or more monthly! We have huge plans and the strategies to get there simply take money. If you aren’t donating, we really do need you to do so! Almost all of the entire organization is volunteer-driven so donations will go to operating expenses. The pharmaceutical industry won’t be helping us and can out-finance us all day long.

Volunteer! There are so may ways to get involved and you can even keep it quiet from those you are still uncomfortable talking with. We are ALWAYS looking for help with research projects, booth volunteers, block walking or helping candidates that support us, and much more! Plus, it’s a GREAT way to work with others who not only agree with you but will also INSPIRE you! I LOVE MY TRIBE. Send us a message if you’d like to help with a project.

When you are ready, SHARE solid information about vaccines. This blog is committed to bringing you real and researched information on vaccines. ‘Like’ the Texans for Vaccine Choice Facebook page, too. Comment on posts and share from there. If you are new to sharing, I suggest you ask a more experienced friend to be ready to “have your back” in case you get challenged. From personal experience, it is no fun to defend your position alone in a conversation full of people who believe vaccines work but think you are going to make them sick because you didn’t get the vaccine they got. I know, silly. But it still isn’t fun. Also, share from THEIR favorite sources because it cuts the rhetoric down a lot. They won’t use the term “debunked” or challenge “the science” on the CDC website, .gov sites, WHO, etc.… The “credible” websites basically tell on themselves if you dig deep enough!

Host a showing of a documentary like Vaxxed or Trace Amounts for friends in your home or business. I really enjoy doing this.

Share YOUR story. I know families with vaccine injured loved ones and they are afraid to share! This world is hostile to the truth you experience. Your story IS important! Your story can save LIVES. YOUR family matters. We want to support you. If you are ready to share for the first time, let us know. We’d love to make sure someone has your back.

The 85th legislative session starts on January 10, 2017. We, Texans For Vaccine Choice, ARE in action, have a fabulous team, and care deeply about Texas. We know that without informed consent and personal liberties, we’d be just another California.

We are TEXAS and YOUR war cries are finally being heard! Be brave. Be brave, momma. Be brave, daddy. Be brave, students. Be brave, legislator. Be brave, new warrior. We have a battle ahead. Be brave. Stand with your tribe. Work, love, and pray. Generations are at stake, so be brave.

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3 thoughts on “Be Brave”

  1. Thank you for encouraging everyone to stand up and BE BRAVE! It’s not easy to stick your neck out, especially when there are critics on every corner. This issue has affected our family for the past 14 years but only thru the Vaxxed phenomenon was I able to find my voice. I even told my story to Polly on Periscope. I’m all in with TFVC and implore others to FIND YOUR VOICE FOR VACCINE CHOICE!

  2. A new political action committee has made its mission to guard parents rights to opt out of immunization requirements whether that means targeting legislators who seek to close non-medical exemptions or pushing for policies that otherwise protect parents who choose not to vaccinate.

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