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CDC Calls out Media for Fake Measles Outbreak Hysteria

From our August 16 & 17, 2018 Facebook Posts:

😂 Remember that one time the CDC had to call out the media for LYING about a measles outbreak?

There is NO current multi-state measles outbreak in the U.S. Some recent media reports misinterpreted CDC data. The number of U.S.-reported cases in 2018 is similar to recent years and within the expected range. However, measles is still common in many parts of the world. Protect yourself and your family with MMR vaccine.” -CDC

🤔 I wonder how long the local media here in Texas will keep towing the line for the pharma-funded propaganda machine at the expense of their own credibility, especially at a time when they are trying so hard to convince us they are not the “enemy of the people”? Time will tell, we suppose!

1 thought on “CDC Calls out Media for Fake Measles Outbreak Hysteria”

  1. Stacey Rasmussen

    Many thanks from New York City for your hard work!

    My beautiful 14 year old son was born healthy and strong in 2004. He developed beautifully, talking, singing and even pre-reading by 19 months old.

    After his immunizations at 22 months he changed forever. My happy, healthy child lost all of his skills and good health within a 6 month period.

    My son began to cry all day, developed dark circles under his eyes, stopped eating all types of food, bent his stomach over anything he could reach, could no longer use utensils. He lost over 100 words and no longer made eye contact. He began and still paces for hours vocalizing an, Eeeeeee sound.

    Today he is 14 years old and is often in great pain. He has about 5 words and suffers from complex partial seizures that generalize. He is a sweet, kind young man that has paid an unbearable price for the greed of some.

    I am sorry for all those that suffer like my son because of the dangerous misinformation that is being given to families to date.

    Currently in New York State they are trying a scare campaign to force people into forced vaccinations. This is un American and misguided. I applaud those that continue to fight for the medical freedom of all Americans.

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