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The Day The Texas Sky Fell: The Measles Outbreak of Fake News Proportions

From our August 15, 2018 Facebook Post:


☠️ Did you hear?? KTXS Television in Abilene wants you all to know that the CDC is monitoring a “NATIONWIDE” (???) MEASLES OUTBREAK RIGHT HERE IN TEXAS!! Be afraid! Be so afraid that you grab the pitchforks and torches, fight with the other parents in your community, and willingly hand over your medical freedom to the state RIGHT NOW TO SAVE US ALL!

🙃 Oh, but wait. THERE IS NO MEASLES OUTBREAK IN TEXAS. Somehow they left out the part of the story where there have only been SIX cases of measles in Texas so far in 2018. Remember those? The Ellis County cases they tried to scare everyone with back in 🚨JANUARY🚨? Yeah. That’s it.

Are you tired of being played yet, Texas?

➡️ KTXS report from today:
➡️ Statesman report from today:
➡️DSHS Health Alerts (showing the cases were in fact in JANUARY):
➡️DSHS News Alerts (not a single mention of a measles outbreak):
➡️DSHS Infectious Disease Control Unit Homepage (something’s missing…):


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