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Debate Intensifies as FDA Rolls Out Controversial RSV Vaccine for Infants

In June, Team TFVC brought you news that a panel within the FDA recommended the RSV Vaccine. Now, as the medical mafia eagerly anticipates the rollout of this shot not only for adults but also infants, a storm of concerns surrounding their safety and necessity is rising. As a reminder, that decision came with a host of contentious issues that warrants a cause for concern.

Pfizer’s vaccine is proposed to be administered to pregnant mothers late in the second trimester or at the start of the third. Disturbingly, clinical trials revealed that women who received the vaccine were more likely to give birth prematurely. This revelation raises the alarm about potential adverse effects on both mothers and unborn babies.

Even more concerning is the acknowledgment that the safety data provided by Pfizer was not deemed entirely accurate by four advisors for the company. Dr. Paul Offit from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia expressed skepticism about the vaccine’s safety, citing inadequate data to support its claim of harmlessness. Dr. Offit’s concerns were compounded by the possibility of risking premature births with the administration of the vaccine.

Despite these substantial reservations, the committee astonishingly and unanimously recommended FDA approval for the vaccine. This decision marks a pivotal moment, as it would become the first RSV shot for infants worldwide. Yet, with mounting evidence suggesting potential dangers associated with the vaccine, questions arise about the committee’s rationale for prioritizing approval. With all of the side effects and risks of the vaccine, one can only assume that these board members are slated to make a dime off of the shot. 

This controversy exposes yet another facet of the pharmaceutical industry’s profit-driven motives at the expense of patient well-being. The concerns expressed by medical professionals, including Dr. Offit, underscore the pressing need for transparent and accurate safety data. The decision to roll out a vaccine that potentially endangers the lives of unborn babies and infants showcases the unsettling disregard for thorough and unbiased assessment.

Amidst the ongoing battle between pharmaceutical interests and patient welfare, it becomes increasingly imperative for individuals to be informed about the potential side effects of vaccines. Informed consent is a fundamental principle that empowers patients to make educated decisions about their health. With the medical community embroiled in debates over vaccine safety and efficacy, patients must have access to unbiased information to make choices that align with their best interests.

As the FDA’s approval of the controversial RSV vaccine raises ethical questions and ignites concerns about patient safety, it is vital for the public discourse to encompass a comprehensive exploration of these issues. Safeguarding patient well-being and ensuring transparent decision-making should be paramount, as the world navigates the complexities of introducing new vaccines into the medical landscape.

4 thoughts on “Debate Intensifies as FDA Rolls Out Controversial RSV Vaccine for Infants”

  1. The CDC, FDA and the HOA are all corrupt… It’s been proven time and time again. Why do we the people still have them in charge of our health decisions???

  2. It is clear that the push for total dominance in all its many facets will go as far as we let them. Every measure to halt and reverse the damage globalists have inflicted must be taken. Since doctors were so easily swayed to perpetrate c one nine fallacies, blind faith is no longer an option. Independent testing and physical oversight along with random testing of used bottles for those still willing to be vaccinated. The more Biden pushes, the more suspicious he looks. Above all the children and younger people must be protected. This might mean getting rid of any avenues our enemies can use for inserting nano technology into their bodies.

  3. THANK YOU TFVC for standing up for Texans, our informed consent, our medical freedom, for the U.S. Constitution! The medical mafia has got to be stopped NOW! Enough devastation and death!
    ZERO vaccines are proven safe or effective. ZERO!

  4. There are no, repeat NO, safe or necessary vaccines. It can be questioned whether there are any real vaccines. There have only been 2 that I am aware of. The original small pox vaccine which used cow pox matter and was given by scratching the skin; the early polio vaccines that were given by scratching the skin.
    NO shot is a real vaccine because a needle by passes 90% of your immune system. Which is concentrated in your skin and mucous membranes. Not your muscles. It is really pretty simple.

    In addition, at this point, what are you willing to bet that a given shot is what they say it is?

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