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Dr. Hotez Embarrasses Himself on Twitter Again, Suggests Everyone STILL Wear Masks

On Sunday, the infamous Dr. Peter Hotez drew thousands of critical quote tweets on Twitter after suggesting that everyone should still be wearing masks in public.

Hotez said he is concerned that the success of the Barbie and Oppenheimer movies may cause a rise in Covid, and recommended to “keep up with your boosters and find a pink N-95 or KN-95 if you can”.

This rhetoric from Hotez comes amidst a circus of new calls from liberals to revive and expand mask and vaccine mandates. School will be starting again soon, and the Medical Mafia is already beginning to celebrate.

Because school districts often mislead the public about exemption rights, parents are coerced into giving their children a laundry list of vaccines in order for them to receive a public education. The “scientists” know this, and are greatly emboldened to lay down the heavy fist of medical tyranny.

People like Hotez are hell-bent on bullying the American public to take jab after jab and submit to a never-ending series of medical mandates, or else be stripped of our liberties. And all along the way, they continue to tell us that it is “for our own good.”

Despite the many recent revelations about rushed safety testing and vaccine injuries, the only thing the vaccine tyrants are cautious about is maintaining Big Pharma’s control over the populace.

Instead of holding our futures hostage, the government needs to be moving to protect our medical liberty. That’s our mandate, and we will continue to make our voices heard without ceasing.

To continue fighting for medical liberty, we must stay sharp. In knowledge there is power, and that is why we emphasize the importance of staying aware of your medical rights so you can defend them from ongoing manipulation and power-grabbing!

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