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PETITION: Say NO to Employer Mandates

We all want to return to normal life, free of shutdowns, economic devastation, and media-driven hysteria.

But now many in the government and certain employers want to force Texans to take a COVID vaccine before returning to work.

Texans for Vaccine Choice, along with medical freedom champion Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, are working hard to outlaw employee vaccine mandates, and to protect your rights! Senate Bill 968 would ban these mandates, and our team is working around the clock to further strengthen this bill. Rest assured, if this bill should fail to pass, Texans For Vaccine Choice will be seeing these businesses in court, immediately. 

Sign our petition TODAY to send Texas businesses a loud and clear message:

Petition Language:

Whereas: Texas is a beacon of medical freedom and medical privacy. And, 

Whereas: No Texan should be forced to inject a government mandated vaccine into their bodies to work in this state. And, 

Whereas: Our elected officials MUST stand up against this unconstitutional violation of our rights.

We the undersigned petition the members of the Texas House, Senate, and statewide elected officials to pass and sign legislation BANNING employee vaccine mandates in the State of Texas!

5 thoughts on “PETITION: Say NO to Employer Mandates”

  1. I know there are millions of people that stand against forced vaccinations, but I don’t know what can be done about it. My wife is a federal employee and her job is being threatened because of Biden’s edict to get the vaccine or get terminated. Do you know of any existing lawsuits regarding this? About the only option she has right now is to attempt a religious waiver. Thank you!

  2. Pamela Sherwood

    No we will not comply with this mandate. It is against our rights as Americans. Our hippa law protects us from this kind of stuff. No to passport and no to vaccine mandates

  3. This legislation is all great, but several of my friends are still experiencing unemployment because their employers are saying that federal law trumps state legislation. From studying history, I know this is not correct, but the majority of Texas businesses are still proclaiming this rhetoric. Americans need to be reminded that states right exist to keep federal law from over stepping. When will this legislation go through and how will Texas companies learn that they can stand against the federal mandate bc I know from friends their companies are not paying any attention to Texas mandates. Also, most physicians seem scared to sign exemptions. Why is this? Who is policing a doctor/ patient relationship?? What are they being threatened with??

  4. Thank you Texans for vaccine choice for creating this petition for us fellow Texans to sign and share with other Texans. I work for USPS as a Rural Mail Carrier and have been on the front lines of this pandemic since the very beginning without a vaccine or unnecessary daily testing, mask wearing, and whatever else the tyrannical government is trying to think of that us unvaxed folks have to do if we decide not to get the jab. I have had enough and am going to stand up and fight for our freedoms for medical choice. Just because we are Federal employees does not mean we don’t have local rights. God Bless!!!

  5. Hello, How we can do it with this?, to get the resident card when you ask for the medical exam the doctors of Uscis are asking to be vaccinated, and also my daughter who is 11 years old.

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