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Freedom Fight Spotlight: The Davis Family

It’s Wednesday after the Freedom Fight. I have laughed, I have cried, and I have done it all over again. I have pondered every detail that my “rally brain” could possibly muster up. Yes, rally brain. It’s a real thing. The term used by my team still recovering from the week’s events. And it’s not just “rally brain.” June will come, and it will be “legislative session brain.” And then there will be a “campaign brain.” Much like “mom brain” on steroids. It’s the “Homeschooling-and-nursing-mom-of-four-I-am-exhausted-thinking-about-it-brain.”

Which leads me to express an even deeper appreciation for the families that have joined together in this vaccine choice movement. See, this job isn’t glamorous, and despite the fear-mongering, fit-the-false-narrative headlines of the powerful and well-funded anti-vaccine lobby, the truth is we are just moms. JUST moms supported by incredible families. Husbands. Dads. Children. Today, I honor one such family.

I met Rachel Davis several years ago in a crunchy online group. There was something so radiating about her. Her spirit. Her GLOW. She was everything anyone could want in a volunteer and a friend. Loyal and articulate, a woman of faith and dedication. There was only one problem: she didn’t want the job. But that didn’t stop us from asking her to join our team as our Director of Communications. She didn’t want the job because she didn’t NEED the title and she didn’t want the spotlight. She would have been and still could be content being on the sidelines and helping out here and there as a volunteer. A volunteer NOT in the spotlight. Did I mention she doesn’t like the spotlight?

Plus, she was busy. She sews. She homeschools. She has four children – THREE adorable, rambunctious boys and a precious baby girl – who play baseball and soccer and have scout and church activities. However, that didn’t stop me. I was compelled, and had an overwhelming conviction. I saw what she didn’t see in herself, and I knew she was exactly what team TFVC desperately needed. But it wasn’t my deal to seal. It was a massive commitment for her and her family that they had to prayerfully consider. They did – and accepted the role. (For MY sake, I am eternally grateful!)

In today’s Freedom Fight Spotlight (yes, I just came up with that), I honor the Davis family. A homeschooling family of happy, healthy children. A family who could easily cruise along in life and let us vaccine-injured families figure it out on our own. It’s not personal to them.

But, oh it is, as Jeff Davis himself reminded me this week.

See, as the week’s events had come to a close and we had a few items left to retrieve from the auditorium, Jeff wrangled his boys as Rachel nursed the baby. They all grabbed a handful of items and I said to Jeff, “Thank you for being here. You didn’t have to.” With intensity and passion, he stated: “Oh, yes we did!”

It was a moment. A proud moment. One that felt like the world stopped. We moms aren’t alone. Vaccine-injured families aren’t alone. I gave him a big hug, thanked him, and walked myself up the ramp, where Jo with mature manners opened the door for me. I was then greeted by sweet Jack Davis who, with his big, innocent, blue eyes said, “Miss Jackie, what can I do for you? Can I check on your animals until you get home?” Oh. My. Heart. Kindness. Compassion. Dedication. Maturity far beyond that of those adults who oppose us showed this week. Little Jed nearly knocked me over with an enthusiastic goodbye hug. And here it was; the most perfect, imperfect movement fueled by passion and families. Ordinary, yet extraordinary families.

The Davis family represents all of our families who answer the call, who make it a family affair. Who don’t seek the limelight. Who simply seek to serve and to do what they are called to do. Who show up and mow the grass of the single mom next door before hitting the road.

Who rent trailers and load up the entire Freedom Fight on just a few hours of sleep.

Who do the behind-the-scenes work that deserves more recognition than anything that ever happened on STAGE.

We honor Rachel, whose job as Director of Communications is crucial to our movement. We honor Jeff, an incredible role model for his children, for ALL our children. We honor the sweet Davis boys, who above ALL else extend compassion with great maturity. They are the REAL world-changers. And little Imogen, because darn it, sometimes we just need a baby to remind us why we fight for you.

I love you, sweet Davis family. Our movement would NOT be the same without you, and we are forever grateful for your dedication! On behalf of TEAM TFVC, please join me in saying THANK YOU to this family!

8 thoughts on “Freedom Fight Spotlight: The Davis Family”

  1. THANK YOU DAVIS FAMILY!!! Thank you for bravely fighting for all of us. You inspire our family to keep fighting, praying, loving, trusting God, chasing joy.

  2. Chelsea Barlow

    I love allllll the Davises!!! I am SO thankful for their hearts and wisdom. They truly show that they love their neighbors and have hearts the size of Texas. ❤️

  3. My grandchildren are told they may not return to their private christian school in Texas. My daughters are extremely passionate about the vileness that goes into the vile. We’ve researched extensively and default to statistics with the CDC. How can a few lawmakers cause this to become a state mandate!? Trying to figure out now what we can do as the kids so love their school and friends.

  4. “One general law, leading to the advancement of all organic beings, namely, multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die.”
    ― Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

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