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Healthy Schools LLC Administers Flu Shot to Children Without Parents’ Consent

From our September 27, 2018 Facebook Post:

👏This 👏is 👏why we at TFVC have tried hard to spread the word that this year’s Healthy Schools, LLC flu shot consent form needs to be signed and returned ONLY if you want your child to receive the flu shot at school! The form does not include an option to deny consent – PLEASE do not modify the form to indicate no consent is given. Apparently Healthy Schools, LLC thinks it’s ok to assume consent based solely on a signed consent form, no matter what the form says above the signature.

😡”Burgess said her older son, Gavin, came home complaining about his arm. “He said he didn’t want it and he was crying. My heart started beating really fast. Just to think that someone could come into our children’s school and do as they wish for my children against my will and against his. It’s not comforting at all,” said Burgess. “I explained to them that I didn’t understand how you could read the paper and not see that I wanted no flu shot and they said just by turning the paper in that I had consented for him to have a flu shot,” said Burgess.”

😡SADLY, this is not the first story we’ve heard like this regarding these flu shot clinics! Healthy Schools, LLC admits this is not an isolated incident in a statement: “we were made aware that a small number of students submitted signed consent forms with conflicting consent information, and subsequently received vaccinations.”

😡Additionally, this is not the first year that Healthy Schools, LLC has shown blatant disregard for informed consent and your right to vaccine choice.
1️⃣️Remember the ridiculous statement next to the “No” option on the 2016 form? (Read about it here: .
2️⃣️Or the cover letter to the 2017 form that was full of erroneous statements and misinformation? (Here: .
3️⃣️Now, in 2018, here we are facing an onslaught of stories about children being vaccinated WITHOUT parental consent.

We believe that Healthy Schools, LLC has MORE than worn out their welcome in our state. What say you? Let us know in the comments below. More importantly, let your school district know as well!


2 thoughts on “Healthy Schools LLC Administers Flu Shot to Children Without Parents’ Consent”

  1. My child came home with the form and I DID NOT SIGN IT AT ALL!!! He told me that they just gave it to him on Nov 2nd.. No consent at all from his family. I am outraged!! I had no idea they could do that. I will be making a deal of this just wait and see!

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