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Merck Targets Teens as Future of Immunization

From our September 25, 2018 Facebook post:

Check out the author’s disclosure at the end of the article:

“Alexander reports serving as a consultant and as a speaker for Merck and for MSD, the manufacturer of the 9-valent HPV vaccine.” I’m SO sure this article is full of completely unbiased info. #yeahright

“The face of immunization in the future is a teenager at the shopping mall who is texting his or her friends.

Look at that list of vaccines we wish we had, and contemplate which ones would likely be administered among teenagers. The answer is: HIV, herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, group B streptococcus, CMV, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Now, we have to get our messaging right. Perhaps it is as simple as saying to parents, “OK, mom. It’s time for Mia’s HPV vaccine. Which arm?””


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