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ImmTrac on Your School Flu Shot Consent Form

From our August 23, 2018 Facebook Post:


“Kick The Flu” is back — except this year they’re trying a little rebranding. They have dropped the “Kick The Flu” name & only include the name of the sponsoring organization: Florida based Healthy Schools, LLC.

A few new things to note on the form this year, but today we will be covering the addition of the IMMTRAC2 consent portion of the form. KEEP READING!⤵️

⚠️IF YOU CHOOSE TO PARTICIPATE in the flu shot program at your child’s school but 🚫DO NOT🚫 wish to have your child’s information included in the state’s tracking database, we highly recommend you confirm with the Department of State Health Services regularly over the coming months to ensure your child has in fact NOT been added to the ImmTrac2 registry.

⚠️As we have outlined in previous posts (see links below), ImmTrac2 is notorious for their data-grabbing tactics & ILLEGALLY adding Texas residents to this tracking system DESPITE the fact that no consent has been obtained as required by law. That, along with the countless reports we have of requests for removal being ignored & the complaint-filing process being a dead end, should give any Texan cause for concern.

⚠️ImmTrac2 Fast Facts:
– Over 60,000 authorized organizations (with multiple users at each site) will have access to your personal information.
– Information in your/your child’s ImmTrac2 file would include name, address, DOB, SSN, gender, race, Medicaid number (if applicable), immunization record
– “Authorized organizations” include schools, daycares, insurance companies, pharmacies, doctor offices, hospitals, etc.

More info can be found here:

And here:

And here:


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