In Case You Missed It: Texas GOP Convention Update & Call to Action!

Rebecca and I just returned home after the 3 days of vital committee work that takes place prior to each State GOP Convention. If I could wrap up this week with one word, it would be PROUD.

Proud of the flexibility and perseverance needed to be successful. Proud of the work that was accomplished. And proud of the commitment made to advance our cause. While the remainder of the convention has now moved to a virtual platform, we remain committed to finishing the job we started during these in-person committee hearings in Houston! Check out highlights from the week and what our goals are to finish strong this coming Sunday!



With still no word from the RPT on how the Convention was going to proceed, we scaled down our booth and crammed it in Rebecca’s SUV! One way or another, we were Houston Bound!

Packed and ready to go!


We arrived on the heels of learning that the convention had gone virtual, but that wasn’t stopping us! 5 people or 5,000 was irrelevant at this point: we were going to make the most of it! Thankfully, the in-person committee work was proceeding as planned!

While waiting for the Health & Human Services (HHS) Sub-Committee of the Platform Committee to convene, we worked with other organizations to set up an ad hoc exhibit hall in the lobby right in front of the committee ballrooms.

Later in the evening, Rebecca and I both testified in the HHS Sub-Committee of the Platform Committee on informed consent, medical privacy and vaccine choice. We were inspired by and thankful for the many other advocates that also spoke in favor of our issue!


Since the HHS Sub-Committee was not slated to meet this day, we decided to sit in on the Legislative Priorities Committee to support the efforts of one of our coalition partners, Americans for Parental Equality. I was so inspired by their efforts that I signed up to testify on shared equal parenting!

Jackie testifies on shared equal parenting

Then, we were horrified by testimony given by a supposed pro-life advocate in support of the 10-day Rule (i.e. hospital death panels that are legal in Texas.)

Rebecca promptly began communicating with another coalition partner, Protect Texas Fragile Kids, to formulate a plan to rebut this disturbing testimony.

Later in the day, I felt compelled to also testify in the Legislative Priorities Committee on vaccine choice and the importance of including our issue in their planks. Very quickly, Rebecca assembled information packets on the floor in the back of the hearing room to pass out to the committee. Rebecca reports that the committee members were visibly moved after my testimony (which you can watch in the video below), but we still knew getting our issue into the Legislative Priorities was going to be an uphill battle.

Rebecca assembled information packets for the committee members on the fly!

After dinner, we watched the Primary Run-off Election results roll in. GREAT NEWS: THREE VICTORIES!!


Back to the Legislative Priorities Committee we go! Rebecca testified in support of making repealing the 10-Day-Rule a legislative priority.

Rebecca Hardy testifies on the importance of repealing the “10-Day-Rule”

We also heard Dr. Robin Armstrong give compelling testimony on the sacredness of the doctor patient relationship and how bureaucracy and politics have interfered with the recovery of C-vid patients in Texas.

Dr. Robin Armstrong’s compelling testimony on his experience treating the virus

Midday, Sen. Bob Hall stopped by our booth to give us several updates, including a C-vid response update!

Check out his interview with Texas doctors on the frontlines of treating C-vid patients here:

Later in the day, Rebecca provided one last plea (virtually!) to the LP committee on the importance of making medical liberty and vaccine choice a legislative priority in light of the C-vid response in Texas.

Finally, around 10:30pm, Rebecca and I testified in the full Platform Committee on informed consent and vaccine choice!

Thank you to Texas Scorecard for highlighting some of our efforts in their convention committee wrap-up! Read their article HERE.


After unsuccessfully trying to participate in the virtual convention in the car on the way back to DFW, we returned safely home. And, what a great surprise it was to arrive home with an incredibly encouraging note from Lt. Co. Allen West, candidate for RPT Chairman. After an exhausting week, we cannot describe how it feels to be supported in this manner by Mr. West. Read more about this HERE.

Results of Our Committee Work

Legislative Priorities: We are thrilled that vaccine choice and parental rights have made it onto TWO proposed priority planks!

TWO proposed priority planks supporting vaccine choice and parental rights!

Platform: It is abundantly clear, that the Texas GOP intends to lead on health freedom as our issues are included in SEVERAL proposed planks! (See planks 168, 169, 171, 179, 180, 181, 184, 187, 189, 190, & 203 HERE.)

Call to Action!

The full delegation must still debate and vote to adopt all the proposed planks above. They could be amended, for better or worse, at any point during floor debate! If you are a delegate, please be ready to defend our planks and vote in support during the upcoming general body meetings! (Likewise, if you know any delegates who support our cause, please forward this crucial call for support to them!)

With Love and Gratitude,

4 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It: Texas GOP Convention Update & Call to Action!”

  1. Christopher Gamez

    Thank you so much for all that you do. Listening to Bill Gates talk If reducing population growth with vaccines in his TED TALKS on YouTube then watching his interviews about vaccinating the entire planet and tagging us for vaccine checkpointS when we travel is incredibly scary. One thing I’ve noticed with vaccine supporters is that there’s a lot of hesitancy about this upcoming Covid Vaccine. Again thank you and keep on keeping on.

  2. Barbara Palmer

    Thank you so much for your tireless efforts on behalf of Texas families and their right to choose what’s best for their loved ones. Every mandate, from wearing masks to mandatory vaccines, is a step toward the loss of our precious freedom. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

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