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TFVC Member’s Senior Thesis Spreads Awareness & Acceptance

Today I’m riding high on hope. This time, truth won. I saw it for myself, and it was glorious!

Aubrey Matson presented an impressive senior thesis entitled “The Missing Puzzle Piece: The Correlation Between the MMR Vaccine and Autism” to a large group at her high school. I had never met Aubrey, but Texans for Vaccine Choice had sent an e-mail inviting members to attend her thesis presentation. I went to support this brave young woman. My experience was that the general public will not allow any mention of vaccines and autism in the same sentence. I expected hostility.

What I found was a breath of fresh air!

You all know what we are up against. People who get their information from the fake news media cry, “Measles!” as though it’s the plague instead of a 5-day fever and rash that was once known as a benign childhood illness. And, “Aww, that child is autistic,” as though the spectrum only includes quirky kids and not thousands who tragically bang their head against the wall and wear diapers into adulthood. Many in the medical community will tell you that they don’t know what is causing autism then in the very next breath will assure you that it isn’t vaccines, despite the fact that tens of thousands of parents with autistic kids claim it is. They’ll toe the party line about no proof of correlation and “that doctor” who had a “fraudulent study.”

Of course, they usually don’t know his name is Andrew Wakefield and won’t bother to find out that the case study was legit and has been replicated. And they will certainly never tell you about the billions of dollars made in the vaccine industry annually or that the MMR is a live virus vaccine which sheds (read more here and here).

How do we break through the loudest voices? How do we get people to research the truth for themselves and stop falling for the expert, invasive marketing of multi-billion-dollar products?
We spread factual information and passionately share our stories wherever we can. It is the human element of truth which is the basis of grassroots movements.

Yes, I know. Easier said than done.

I don’t have to tell you about cognitive dissonance. You’ve tried to share medical studies, statistics, vaccine ingredients, and known side effects with others to break big pharma’s marketing and lobbying spell. You’ve seen the way people prefer to plug their ears and close their eyes because sometimes the truth is too awful. For some, acknowledging the truth may even cost them their job or professional reputation.

The good news is that we are in this together, planting our own seeds, and watering those planted by others. Take heart! We are ramping up. There is a generation coming up that has seen the devastation firsthand. Some, like Aubrey, are lucky enough to attend schools which still value true education, respect, and critical thought.

Keep speaking up because you have no idea who you are reaching or inspiring. There are plenty of people with intellectual curiosity and a willingness to challenge old beliefs.

I witnessed it for myself when a bright, poised 18-year-old shared vaccine injury truth in a remarkable, 20-minute, memorized speech (video below). Why exactly was this so monumental?

It was presented at the prestigious Geneva School of Boerne.
There were 175+ people there – students, parents (including doctors), the community at large, and a handful of Texans For Vaccine Choice members.

Aubrey publicly concluded that there is a correlation between the MMR vaccine and the onset of autism.

And…are you ready to cheer?


I found myself on my feet, clapping enthusiastically alongside an auditorium full of people. It was several weeks ago and I’m still smiling! My hope is renewed.

Aubrey began her speech by quoting a mother’s journaled notes about her son’s early growth and development. The mother wrote with joy about her baby boy’s eye contact and eventually about his first words. The journal notes then revealed that something suddenly became terribly wrong. The mother wrote of her son’s regression following his MMR and Varicella vaccines at one year old. Eye contact and words disappeared. Aubrey flawlessly transitioned from the anecdotal notes to the fact that autism is on the rise, with the stories of many parents with autistic children being oddly similar to what the mother had journaled.

Aubrey spoke of the Wakefield case study, including the reasons some try to discredit it and the reasons for which it is legitimate. She described his findings of vaccine-strain measles in the guts of the autistic children in the case study, and how the same had been found in a Wake Forest study.

She presented information about a CDC whistleblower named Dr. William Thompson, the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and shared relevant quotes from Del Bigtree and Dr. Theresa Deisher. She spoke of how autism is a very specific disorder, unique in the way it presents itself, and it wasn’t until 1944 that it was even a clinical diagnosis.

As a testament to her true research and reporting, she presented both sides of the vaccine-safety debate and shared her reasons for believing that there is a link between the MMR and autism.

Aubrey spoke clearly, intelligently, and confidently as she walked from one side of her podium to the other, addressing the entire audience. She was calm and captivating.
At the end of her outstanding presentation, Aubrey shared why this topic was so important to her. The mother’s notes she had read at the beginning were her own mother’s. The baby boy who regressed into severe autism was her little brother.

Following her presentation, and once the crowd finally stopped clapping and sat down again, a panel of 3 experts, including a gastroenterologist, a pediatrician, and a parent mentor asked Aubrey questions for another 20 minutes. She answered their questions with intellect and facts.

Aubrey told me that, to her surprise, the gastroenterologist later approached her. With sincere appreciation, he said that he had learned something that day. You can bet that everyone else did too. Minds were changed, or at least opened. Yes, many in the crowd stood in ovation as supportive members of the school community and not necessarily in agreement. But everyone heard her out, and that’s a start.

Seeds were planted. People began to understand that the debate isn’t as one sided as the vaccine salespeople have led them to believe.

So, keep going y’all! Take the win! TFVC is an amazing team. One by one, we are getting the word out, and more people are waking up.

Thank God almighty, they are waking up.

2 thoughts on “TFVC Member’s Senior Thesis Spreads Awareness & Acceptance”

  1. I have such hope for the next generation !! They have seen the devastation from vaccines (some within their own family) and refuse to turn a blinds eye to Big Pharma’s destructive propaganda.

  2. Well done Aubrey Matson! Very well done! Very well researched and your mother’s honest, heart wrenching and well documented commentary on your little brother is so telling. The mothers, fathers and families have been putting together these ‘missing puzzle pieces” for several decades now. They KNOW what has happened. You did an outstanding job! Thank you for sharing important FACTS and for also sharing your personal family story. People are listening! It is well past the time for the medical and pharmaceutical industry to own up to this, their man made problem and fix it!

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