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Protect Texans’ Right to Work

Two Steps You Can Take TODAY:

1. Sign the petition below to protect Texans’ right to work by ending employer vaccine mandates.

Petition Language:

Whereas: Texas is a beacon of medical freedom and medical privacy. And, 

Whereas: Governor Abbott has assured Texans that vaccination will remain a VOLUNTARY medical procedure. And,

Whereas: No Texan should be forced to inject a government mandated vaccine into their bodies to work in this state. And, 

Whereas: Our elected officials MUST stand up against this unconstitutional violation of our rights.

We the undersigned petition Governor Abbott to add a ban on employee vaccine mandates to his special session agenda immediately so that the members of the Texas House and Senate may pass and the Governor may sign legislation protecting Texans’ right to work by prohibiting employee vaccine mandates in the State of Texas!

2. ACTION ALERT: CALL GOVERNOR ABBOTT and request that he include an employee vaccine mandate ban on his special session agenda .

  • CALL: (512) 463-2000 and politely inform the operator that you would like to add ending employee vaccine mandates to the special session call.
  • Once your call is directed, here are some suggested talking points:
    SHARE YOUR PERSONAL STORY: Is your employer threatening your job if you do not take the injection? Have you been fired for exercising your right to choose? NOW is the time to share your story!
    – Texas should be fully open and free from medical mandates surrounding COVID.
    – All Texans have a right to live and work as they please. Employee vaccine mandates are a direct threat to these rights.
    – No Texan should be forced to choose between feeding their family and taking an untested, liability free injection.
    – The Governor MUST act now to protect Texans’ Right to Work by including a ban on employee vaccine mandates on his special session agenda.

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