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Steve Kirsch Debunks the Medical Establishment by Contrasting it with the Amish

In recent discussions on health practices and the World Health Organization (WHO), expert panelist Steve Kirsch has put forth an intriguing argument which challenged the medical establishment. Kirsch suggests that Pennsylvania would benefit more from taking health advice from the Amish community, known for their low rates of chronic health conditions, rather than relying solely on the WHO. 

According to Kirsch, the Amish community exhibits remarkably low rates of chronic health conditions like cancer, diabetes, autism, and autoimmune diseases. Their lifestyle choices, including opting out of vaccines, have seemingly shielded them from these ailments. 

Kirsch also draws attention to the Amish community’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. By diverging from CDC guidelines, and avoiding masking and lockdowns, the Amish reported a death rate that was 90 times lower than the national average. Kirsch highlights the mainstream media’s reluctance to acknowledge this possibility, suggesting that it challenges the existing narrative. This raises important questions about the effectiveness of health guidelines and the role of government agencies during times of crisis.

Kirsch’s arguments extend beyond the Amish community and prompt a critical evaluation of health policies and government agencies such as the CDC. Texans for Vaccine Choice, an organization advocating for informed decision-making, share concerns about the inconsistencies and failures of health agencies. Examples include the overreporting of COVID-19 deaths and the striking down of an unlawful mask mandate by a federal judge.

The perspective put forth by Steve Kirsch regarding the Amish community’s health outcomes invites us to question established health practices and the role of government agencies. Texans for Vaccine Choice finds merit in the need for informed decision-making when it comes to medical interventions. Exploring alternative approaches and learning from diverse communities, such as the Amish, may contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of health and ultimately inform better policies in Texas and beyond.

1 thought on “Steve Kirsch Debunks the Medical Establishment by Contrasting it with the Amish”

  1. Great research article! Proof that the CDC was and still just pushing an agenda that is biased and doesn’t work in real life scenarios. Thank God the Amish Community stuck to their beliefs and ended up better than those that followed the CDC lockdowns and forced Injections.

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