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Texas STILL Hasn’t Banned COVID Vaccine Mandates!

Think Texas has banned COVID vaccine mandates?

Think again. 

At the last moment possible in the 88th Regular Session, SB 177 – also known as the Texas COVID Freedom Act – was placed on the Calendar for a full House vote. But after hours of procedural maneuvering and political duplicity, the bill died (along with dozens of others) when the clock struck midnight and it still had not been heard. Your right to make private medical choices without interference from your employer was sacrificed in favor of partisan games.

SB 177 would have ended any and all COVID mandates in Texas – patients would not have to submit to a COVID jab in order to receive life-saving medical care and prospective employees wouldn’t have to choose between their deeply held beliefs and their ability to make a living. But, House leadership opted to throw you a weak bone, SB 29, which they made even weaker with exception after exception.

While SB 29 does prohibit any government entity from instituting most COVID-related restrictions, it does nothing to protect Texans from employers, medical providers and others who mandate the shot.

Representative Brian Harrison best summarized this by stating that these mandates are still  “alive and well in Texas” despite Abbott’s orders and that the state “should be leading the fight against the COVID tyranny.”

Since the vaccine rolled out, countless Texans were either forced to take the jab or risk losing their job. This is a clear violation of a patient’s fundamental right to make their own healthcare decisions, and it is still legal here in the Lone Star State. Nobody should ever be coerced or threatened into taking a shot.

With the current special session still happening and subsequent special sessions all but guaranteed, Governor Abbott must take definitive action to protect Texans. 

Do you agree? Sign our petition urging the Governor to put medical liberty on a special session call here!

1 thought on “Texas STILL Hasn’t Banned COVID Vaccine Mandates!”

  1. Stacy Dannenfelser

    The scientific data is out and clear. Covid vaccines are deadly and do nothing they were touted to do. By allowing mandates TEXAS government is supporting death! Death of the very people who put you in power. No Mandates of any medical treatment EVER!

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