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Tyranny Squad – Senator Kelly Hancock

Senator Kelly Hancock (SD 9) is a member of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, a powerful Committee when it comes to your medical liberties. As an organ transplant recipient himself, one would expect that Senator Hancock would be sensitive to discrimination against patients seeking life-saving medical care. Instead, during a recent vote on a medical liberty bill in the HHS Committee, Senator Hancock attempted to emotionally manipulate his fellow members by calling on his experience with organ donation, and using it to justify forcing vaccines on transplant and oncology patients. He then went one step further by equating individuals and businesses, saying that small businesses are owned by individuals and any attempt to tell them that they can’t mandate vaccines on their employees is a violation of their individual liberties.

If you think employees ought to have the right to medical privacy and informed consent, and that patients – regardless of their medical need – should not face medical discrimination based on their vaccination status, let Senator Hancock know! Contact his office today!

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7 thoughts on “Tyranny Squad – Senator Kelly Hancock”

  1. Kelly Hartmann

    Senator Hancock,

    Every person has a right to medical privacy and informed consent. No one should face medical discrimination based on their vaccination status.
    Our body, our rights, our decisions. You don’t know the reasons behind why or how decisions are made for each and every person in the State of Texas.

    Please realize that every person has the right to make the decision that fits their lives and circumstances.

  2. Lindsay French

    I am shocked he did that. I thought he was a big proponent of individual rights! I am sad to hear he isn’t.

  3. Bethany Lester

    It is a person’s God given right to make their own choices regarding their health and medical care without repercussions. Period.

  4. This information saddens me. I have to admit i was shocked when i saw this post. I do hope Senator Hancock will reconsider his legislation.

  5. Mr. Hancock, I was told in the beginning you were a Patriot and for We The People. You have clearly lost your way. Do they have something on you or are your beliefs legit? We know you supported vaccine mandates and are the one who made the deal with the DMV. What a money making deal that must have been and well into a time when testing was redundant. You will be on my radar as one of the “silent” Globalists.

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