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Tyranny Squad Spotlight: Rep. Four Price

Rep Price authored HB 1105, a bill that would codify the PREP Act – which was intended to be a temporary expansion of pharmacists’ duties to include ordering and administering vaccines for children three and up – into Texas law, which TFVC opposes due to its lack of safeguarding for pediatric patients. In laying his bill out on the House floor last week, Price justified these proposed measures by claiming that vaccine injuries in Texas over the last three years have been “statistically insignificant”. When pressed by other lawmakers to compare this assertion with the thousands of VAERS reports and VICP payouts, Price showed zero knowledge about the real impact vaccine injuries have had in Texas and across the nation, particularly in the absence of much-needed guardrails these last few years. Representative Price insults our intelligence and those negatively affected by adverse events. TFVC supports access to medical procedures with informed consent, but that access should not come at the sacrifice of safety.

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