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Voters Should Know Where Lawmakers Stand

This week, Texans for Vaccine Choice launched an important public education campaign around vaccine mandates and the lawmakers who have failed to stand up for Texans.

So far, 26 State Representatives have called for a special session to address this ongoing issue which means most have not. So, we’re letting Texas voters know where their State Representatives have fallen down in calling for an immediate special session with a new automated message campaign.

You can listen to one of the calls here

Of course this important work would not be possible without the generous support of our members and this activity is no exception.

Can you pitch in $5 to help us expand the number of districts we target with calls?

The work of TFVC will be needed now more than ever, especially when it comes to undoing much of the bad public policy that’s been adopted over the past year.

Take for instance how far we’ve slipped if, right now, judges in America feel empowered to call the unvaccinated, “selfish and unpatriotic.

Thank you for being on the front lines with us,

7 thoughts on “Voters Should Know Where Lawmakers Stand”

  1. I left a message on an answering machine for my rep Terry Meza that Texans want legislators who promote freedom & I will not vote for anyone who restricts freedom by allowing vax mandates. I spoke to someone at Sen Nathan Johnson’s office & she said Sen Johnson has not announced any position publicly. I made it clear that I find it reprehensible that any Texas legislator is actually “considering” allowing vax mandates, a forced medical tretatment which violates the Liberty of every Texan.

    We need more calls going in to our Texas legislators!!

    1. He did not sign a bill outlawing vaccine mandates because he did not put the issue on the special session calls (except for in the last 8 days of the third special session, essentially guaranteeing a bill could not get through the entire legislative process. He did issue an executive order that has been completely ignored by many businesses and gone wholly unenforced by Abbott. Thus the need for another special session to get it done.

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