We Can’t Rely on the Courts: Call Gov. Abbott Now

Thousands of Texans are still going to lose their jobs for refusing vaccines.

While the Supreme Court ruled that OSHA cannot require businesses to mandate vaccines, it did not rule that businesses cannot enforce mandates on their own. In fact, it upheld mandates on healthcare workers at facilities that accept federal funds. If you work for a hospital, nursing home, or medical practice that accepts medicare or medicaid, that means you.

The only way to protect the medical freedom of Texans is clear, effective legislation. Governor Greg Abbott must call for a fourth special session to end vaccine mandates. 30 Texas Legislators have already called for this crucial special session, has yours? Check HERE.

Call Governor Abbott Now! 800-843-5789

Over 40 Elected Officials and Candidates for office have signed the TFVC Vaccine Choice Protection Pledge. To see which have signed, click HERE.

4 thoughts on “We Can’t Rely on the Courts: Call Gov. Abbott Now”

  1. Mahmudiye Sidor

    I have called the governor’s office many times ALREADY with zero acknowledgment. My son actually works for Home Depot. There he’s forced to wear a mask and get vaccinated or tested all for MINIMUM WAGE! My son is not Home Depot’s SLAVE! They cannot control his body. He does not have intimate contact with customers as a cashier! There are four registered voters in this house. I’m member of the Republican club. I will bring this issue up to them as well and discuss why we should be voting for a person who wants us enslaved! I’m done!

    1. Hi, Mahmudiye. My husband is a district manager for Home Depot and when I read your comment I wanted to reply to help reassure you! HD is absolutely not requiring any employees to be vaccinated or get tested. If your son is being told by a supervisor that he must be vaccinated in order to keep his job then please have your son talk with a manager or district manager if needed. No supervisor or managers should be telling any employees that they have to get vaccinated. That is completely against company policy. I hope this information helps your son!

      1. My son was working at Home Depot in Colorado through December and there was no testing or vaccine requirement. He had one dose of Moderna but never had to show his vaccine card. He has chronic medical issues and the shot took him six weeks to get back to baseline so he is unwilling to get the second one. He was gung-ho to get the first one.

  2. I was watching another Senator speak the other day and you have to request a response or they will not respond. Also tell them how you want a response. Not sure if you did that but just passing along that information.

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