You Can Make a Difference During Early Voting!

Can you believe that Early Voting for the 2020 Primary Election is just a few days away? TFVC has gone across the state for the past several months to identify the top tier candidates who are deserving of our support! 

To ensure that we have champions fighting for parental rights in our state legislature and in D.C., we are excited to share our TFVC Voter Guide with you.

You can download your TFVC Voter Guide here**. 

But beyond just voting, this election provides many ways for you and your family to make a real difference in some of these races. If one or more of the candidates in our guide is running in a district or county where you live, please reach out to their campaign directly to see what volunteer opportunities they might have for you and your family to help get them across the finish line. 

I can’t think of a single campaign that would not welcome poll greeters when polling locations are open:

Early voting: February 18 – February 28
Election Day: March 3

A little campaign help goes a LONG way in showing these candidates how much their support of vaccine choice is appreciated. Any candidate on the voter guide is worthy of your help. 

Not sure of the districts or county in which you live? Find out here!

Let’s all dig deep for these candidates who are willing to publicly align themselves with TFVC in these final weeks!

With Excitement,
Rebecca Hardy

If you do not see your district or your favorite candidate on our list, we encourage you to reach out to any candidate and ask them these specific questions (a sampling taken from our longer Candidate Survey) as a constituent:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statements:
1. Individuals should be free to decline vaccines for themselves or their children without consequence or interference.
2. Vaccine mandates for certain jobs should be passed legislatively.
3. Vaccinations are medical procedures. All medical procedures come with risks and should be performed only with informed consent. Mandates for any medical procedure violate the tenets of informed consent.
4. An individual’s vaccination status should be privacy-protected information.

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