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ACTION ALERT: Recruit Pledge Signers!

For medical freedom to truly exist, representatives of the people must commit to prohibiting vaccine mandates. Those mandates can come from all levels of government, including school board and city councils, county judges and commissioners, Texas legislators, statewide officials, US Congress, and everything in-between. That’s why we need YOU to reach out and ask those running for ANY office in your local community in Texas to take the TFVC Vaccine Choice Protection Pledge.

We offer two ways to share the pledge:

1- You can share the link to fill out the form on our website, or 2- You can download a copy of the Pledge here, then ask the candidate to sign and return via email. 

We will review it and contact the candidate for confirmation. All confirmed pledge signers will be published on the TFVC Voter Guide.

3 thoughts on “ACTION ALERT: Recruit Pledge Signers!”

  1. Mandates are not lawful and must be resisted at all costs! The constitution is the law of the land and if we are still under the constitution we shouldn’t need the legislative branch to pass laws. We are already protected by the constitution…. enough-is-enough!

  2. One of the things that makes America a great place to live and call home is that we have freedom.
    We have been free to chose what we will do within legal and ethical limits for over 246 years!
    Recently this freedom has been taken here and there, and caused many Americans to feel threatens and upset by the negative changes.
    I have been vaccinated for almost everything! But not for COVID-19 yet. I may get the a vaccine when one comes out using older, time tests creation methods. But, I was not comfortable getting the new vaccines. And now, I’ve already had covid and haven’t contracted it when around other who have had covid, without their knowledge at at the time time. I was fine afterwards. So, now that I have natural immunity, which is stronger than any vaccine. I do not need a vaccine.
    We need to decide what’s right for our family and ourselves. Not have the government decide this.

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