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Anti-Discrimination Bill Filed! HB 1070


Austin Regional Clinics announced sweeping changes to their immunization policies in June of 2015, firing anyone not 100% up to date on the CDC schedule. These clinics were some of the only places that accepted Medicaid patients who also chose different vaccine schedules. The policy changes left many central Texans without medical care.

But take heart! Representative Jeff Leach has a filed HB 1070 that would prohibit healthcare discrimination based on patient immunization status. A doctor who refuses patients based on immunization status would forfeit reimbursement through state assistance programs. BAM!

We are so blessed to have legislators who not only vote to strengthen personal liberties and informed consent in Austin but who also champion the cause and actually file bills to do away with patient discrimination! Please make sure your representatives support this bill!

Thank you, Representative Leach, for being a champion!
Please send thank you cards to:
Representative Jeff Leach
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768

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