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Texans do not take kindly to being bullied on matters of personal health. But that is exactly what is happening as children across Texas came home from their first day of school with information explaining a new school-based flu vaccination program.

Healthy Schools is a Florida-based company, so perhaps they just do not know any better. Let’s go through the information they provided and discuss the ways they miss the mark. In the letter explaining the program, it states THIS FORM MUST BE RETURNED TO YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL REGARDLESS OF PARTICIPATION. We welcome Healthy Schools to please tell us which Texas law mandates parents to return a form for an optional program for an optional shot.

On the enclosed Seasonal Flu Vaccine Consent Form there is no mention of which specific flu shot will be administered. There are around a dozen flu shot varieties that range from inactivated, live and recombinant options presented as quadrivalent, trivalent and cell-culture-based shots. The Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) that was provided to parents pertains to all Inactivated or Recombinant Flu Vaccines, but there are still ten shots available that fall into these categories. There is no way for a VIS to apply to ALL ten shots that might be used. How can parents possibly make an actual informed decision when they do not know what specific shot will be given to their child? The vague and general VIS is NO substitute for genuine informed consent.

A concerned parent called to ask Healthy Schools which shot would be used and Sheila Gorski, the Austin Hub Manager for Healthy Schools, said, “for children ages four and older, Flucelvax manufactured by Seqiris would ‘most likely’ be given via injection as it is the only one they feel may have a chance at being effective this year.”

Assuming that Flucelvax will be administered, parents can access the Physician’s Prescribing Information here prior to giving consent. It includes a few things worth mentioning including information regarding known contraindications, warnings and precautions, adverse reactions, safety and efficacy for specific populations/ages, toxicology, and information unknown or not available by the manufacturer.

The consent portion at the bottom of the form is also troublesome. Parents see these two options:

YES, I Want To Help Protect My Family And My Community From Flu By Allowing My Child To Receive A Flu Vaccine

NO, I DO NOT wish to help protect my child and community by allowing my child to participate (reason) _____________

The wording is blatant bullying, and we’d like Healthy Schools to know that it is legally none of your business why someone declines ANY medical procedure in Texas.

And let’s talk about how getting the flu shot helps protect communities. Each year, the CDC publishes the Vaccine Effectiveness (VE) for the flu shot. Since tracking the VE of the flu shot began in 2004, the VE has ranged from 10-60%. At best, the flu vaccine may be 60 percent effective. At worst, it is essentially completely ineffective. Students are taught early that any score under 60% means one thing: failure.

How can community protection from the flu be achieved considering the shot’s historically low VE? Even if 100% of students on a campus receive the shot, the majority would be nearly indistinguishable from non-vaccinated students the next campus over when it comes to how many get the flu.

There are many other issues of concern about this program but we are choosing to focus on the lack of informed consent and the highly offensive way that the program was presented. Under no circumstance should a family feel obligated to provide Healthy Schools with any personal medical information or participate in their program. We are additionally appalled that any Texas school district would allow for the participation in a program so obviously lacking in informed consent and basic medical privacy.

If you are equally appalled, please let Sheila Gorski, the Austin Hub Manager for Healthy Schools, know your concerns. She can be reached at (904) 436-8960. Texans for Vaccine Choice would also like to know which school districts are participating in this program, so please send an email to [email protected] indicating your district.

Texans for Vaccine Choice supports all Texans in their pursuit of medical liberties and informed consent.


  1. Contrary to public knowledge, mercury is STILL in multi dose vials of flu vaccine. Mercury is a known neuro toxin and extremely toxic even in trace amounts. In addition a new CDC study suggests the intranasal flu vaccine (FluMist) may now only be about 3% effective in children, and is a live, vaccine and can be transmitted immunocompromised contacts. This informed consent is appalling and patents cannot make an informed decision without the complete prescribing information. This also sends red flags for HIPPA laws violations, as non provider personal will have access to sensitive medical and personal information. Vaccines are medical interventions and need to be left between patient and doctor.

    1. K. Simpson I find it interesting that you seem to mention concern for immunocompromised people when talking about the FluMist. Yet what you don’t seem to realize or seem to care about is there is far greater risk to immunocompromised patients being exposed to people who have the flu and who may have not received the flu vaccine.
      My 3 children will not be receiving FluMist this year because of the very reason that it may not be effective in preventing the flu. They will get the flu shot instead which I actually prefer since it is not a live vaccine. I would much rather have my children receive 1 shot then possibly getting the flu. Which by the way can be deadly in young children and the elderly as I’m sure you are aware.
      As far as HIPPA violations then I guess every Drug store, Costco, Walmart etc is violating HIPPA laws then? What’s the difference in your child receiving the flu vaccine thru school or thru your local drug store? Neither place has access to your medical history. It is up to you the parent to know your child’s medical history and make that determination whether the flu vaccine is appropriate for your children.

      1. Kathryn K:
        As with any communicable disease, yes, immunocompromised people are at risk for disease severity.

        As with any drug, also comes with risk of adverse events. Using the MedAlerts search engine, as of September 30, 2015, there have been more than 104,465 reports of reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following influenza vaccinations made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including 1,115 related deaths, 9,037 hospitalizations, and 2,003 related disabilities.

        Influenza vaccines have been around since 1945. Just before the flu season of 2003-2004 the CDC recommended for the first time that children younger than 60 months (5 years) and older than 6 months receive an annual flu vaccination. About this time is when practice of getting a flu vaccine became common for not only children under 5, but for everyone over 5 as well. [source http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/rr5103a1.htm%5D

        The following is a list of different years and the number of flu associated deaths in children reported to the CDC:

        1999-2000 -36 deaths
        2000-2001 -30 deaths 17% decrease
        2001-2002 – 25 deaths 17% decrease
        2002-2003 – 29 deaths 16% increase
        (This is the last year that the flu vaccine was considered “unsafe” by the CDC for children under 5 – now watch the increase of deaths after the CDC recommends all children age 6 months to 5 years be vaccinated for Influenza.)
        2003-2004 – 153 427% increase
        2004-2005 — 47 deaths 69% decrease
        2005-2006 – 46 deaths 3% decrease
        2006-2007 – 68 deaths 48% increase
        2007-2008 – 88 deaths 29% increase
        2008-2009 – 133 deaths 51% increase
        2009-2010 – 282 deaths112% increase
        2010-2011 – 115 deaths 59% decrease

        The number of children dying from the flu has risen *drastically* since the CDC recommended children under 5 receive the flu vaccine. There has been an average of 67% increase of flu-associated death in children since the CDC recommended children under 5 receive the flu vaccine.

        According to research presented at the 105th International Conference of the American Thoracic Society in San Diego, children who get the flu vaccination have a 3 times greater risk for hospitalization:

        They found that children who had received the flu vaccine had three times the risk of hospitalization, as compared to children who had not received the vaccine. In asthmatic children, there was a significantly higher risk of hospitalization in subjects who received the TIV (Stands for Trivalent Influenza Vaccine – a.k.a. the flu shot), as compared to those who did not. [source https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/05/090519172045.htm%5D

        So in essence, parents who vaccinate their children against the flu are increasing the hospitalization risk for their child!

        Also not disclosed are vaccine ingredients including: octoxynol-10 (Triton X 100, tocopheryl hydrogen succinate,
        polysorbate 80 (Tween 80), hydrocortisone, gentamicin sulfate,
        ovalbumin, formaldehyde, sodium deoxycholate, sucrose, phosphate
        buffer. Animal DNA fragments.

        Flu vaccines also have not been tested for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential.

        The full WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS information are not disclosed with the flyer (about 3 pages of material).

        This all goes back to my original point that the informed consent is appalling and patents cannot make an informed decision without the complete prescribing information.

        And yes all drug stores, Costco, Walmart etc are pharmacies are under HIPAA laws. School nurses and administrators are not.

  2. This is the vaccine that is mandatory for all healthcare providers! This is the vaccine that made me sick! This is the vaccine that made me start to question why are they mandatory?? This is the vaccine that made me start researching vaccines! I research the side effects and realized I now had suffered a side effects due to the flu vaccine! Then I started researching all vaccines and all side effects! I have been an ER nurse for 29 years! I no longer believe the greatest lie ever told! I no longer vaccinate myself or my children!!

    1. It is very important for nurses to stand up on this issue, as hospitals cannot run without nurses. If nurses banded together to support personal choice on vaccines, and did not work for hospitals that forced flu and other shots, the hospitals would quickly back away from forced vaccinations.

    2. I am a nurse also and when I worked in the hospital I would refuse the flu shot and they would make me wear a mask the entire flu season. The shot is NOT effective and not evidence based. Ridiculous!

    3. Leila Baldridge

      It’s not mandatory for all healthcare providers to receive a flu shot. As a nurse for 35 years, I was encouraged to receive the vaccine but never forced to. However, I have always gotten a flu shot, I have not had the flu in nearly 40 years, and I have never experienced any side effects from the vaccine. I will continue to receive my yearly flu shot. The flu is not a joke. Especially for some populations, it can be deadly.

      1. Colette McCadden

        Actually in hospital based organizations, the flu vaccine has become mandatory since Medicare reimbursement is now tied to a certain percentage of employees (90%, I think). Most facilities will honor a medical/religious or conscientious exemption, but the employee must wear a mask during “flu season”. In 2014/15 the flu vaccine was less than 20% effective. On a “good match” year, it is roughly 50% effective. So 50% of the time it offers no protection. In my 24 year career as a physical therapist, I have worked with many patients who experienced GBS because of the flu vaccine. Vaccines are a medical procedure and no two people will necessarily respond the same way. Like any other procedure, the decision on whether or not to vaccinate should be based on informed consent–actually being educated on risks/benefit and having free will to accept or reject.

    4. I’ve been a nurse for nearly 40 years. With the poor efficacy of a flu shot to actually be affective for a particular unknown strain of flu that will be going around this flu season, IMHO, it’s not smart to take the shot.
      I was working in th 70s and had to take the same swine flu shot that caused a severe case of Guillian-Barre that paralyzed Andy Griffith!
      I don’t think any vaccine should be required in order to work.

    5. This is the conclusion that educated people come to after researching. The science to support vaccines is NOT there. People only believe it is because that’s what they are told. They have nothing to base it on.

  3. I have yet to see a comment about how deadly the flu can be for certain populations of children. For example, the flu poses life threatening dangers to diabetic children as well as asthmatic children. You may keep your child home for a couple days for the flu but parents that have to deal with these chronic diseases know that the flu very likely involves a hospital visit. Any reasonable non-inflammatory comments to that point? I’m genuinely interested.

    1. I may not have all the answers for you, but I know we cannot ask other parents to harm (may be instant maybe shows up later as cancer or an autoimmune disease) their children to protect others. Please hear my heart BC I don’t mean that in a mean way.

      If my child was in this situation health wise, I would learn as much as possible on natural ways to boost his/her immune system. I would find a really good chiropractor who does more than just adjustments. I am sure I would do a complete overhaul to his/her diet. I hope this is helpful. I am sure more will chime in.

    2. Abigail,
      You bring up a very valid concern for parents of immunocompromised children.

      as someone who has a compromised immune system, I have to take lots of my own precautions….hygiene, diet, environment, etc to prevent getting sick. I also get adjusted by a chiropractor on a weekly basis (this boosts my immune system by 200%…every time). I say all to say…I get being sick & having other health issues that cannot take the common cold & especially the flu. It’s just so different for us.

      However, I would never ask and certainly no demand another person to put medication inside of them or their child to keep me healthy. I might ask them to wash their hands, & would certainly ask them to not come around if they are symptomatic.

      What many of us who are fighting to protect our medical rights have found is that

      1. herd immunity has not been proven effective with vaccines…only with getting the disease naturally & then having life long immunity. No studies have been done to prove heard immunity through vaccination

      2. Many recent outbreaks have been caused by shedding of vaccines. Even in the inserts, the pharmaceutical company suggests the recently vaccinated to stay away from the immunocompromised, the young and the elderly b/c of the possibility of shedding. So…when a kid goes back to school with tons of recently vaccinated children, it poses a significant risk for that immunocompromised child…more than if the kid wasn’t vaccinated. What I think most ppl don’t realize is that an unvaccinated or under vaccinated child does not carry around disease inside of them…they are not vectors. However, the recently vaccinated can be.

      3. We parents are also not ok with any government agency telling us what medicines should and should not go into our bodies. Especially when the CDC has been proven to cover up fraud & been proven to be corrupt.

      Why should we trust them with the health of our children? Aren’t we the land of the free and the home of the brave? Do we really want to become Nazi Germany or Russia. B/c that is what we would be allowing if we open up ourselves to healthcare mandations.

      Abigail, for this diabetic child, I am sorry that he/she has this idisease. Truly I am.

      What I would ask you to consider is to look at the research (& where it is lacking), & look at ingredients of vaccines and what they can do to children and ultimately families. And then look into natural healthy ways of boosting the child’s immunity. Chiropractic adjustments are amazing for boosting immunity. Probiotics, other supplements and a healthy diet also do so so much for a child’s immune system.

      During the winter, my kiddos don’t get a lot of sweets, breads or anything that turns into sugar. We increase vitamin D & probiotics and have been quite fortunate to not get the flu in the last few years. We also take extra herbs when I think they may be coming down with something and I keep them out of school when possibly sick. Their headmaster doesn’t like it but he appreciates us not bringing sickness to school.

      Anyway…hope this info helps you search for more info.

      1. I truly appreciate the replies and understand that I cannot change any minds. I just beg parents of sick children to please keep them at home if they show signs of illness. This goes for parents regardless of opinions of vaccines. The flu for my asthmatic son could be deadly.

        1. Well the flu VACCINE for my father was deadly. First paralysis and then ten years in a nursing home before he passed away. Transverse myelitis and guillain barre syndrome are listed as side effects on the insert. What sane person wouldn’t rather build natural immunity by getting the illness instead of the vaccine to prevent it?

          No one should have to sacrifice their own child’s health for another child’s. Did you know that vaccinations which contain yeast can cause asthma in children? In a paper written by Dr. David L. Phillips entitled ‘Do DTP and Tetanus Vaccinations Cause Asthma?,’ Dr Phillips discusses a study which revealed that a child who has had the DTP and tetanus vaccination is 50% more likely to experience severe allergic reactions and over 80% more susceptible to sinusitis. They are also twice as likely to suffer from asthma.

          Vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” as the CDC states. Give me a few days of flu over a lifetime of disability any day.

          1. Actually, yes. I’ve read studies that show that asthmatic children have more hospitalizations after the flu vaccine than unvaccinated children do. The data is all there. The vaccine efficacy is so low and the risks are great. Read an insert once. You’ll be shocked.

          2. Agree! I’m also immunosuppressed and would never expect someone to inject themselves for me. Vaccines can have devastating, lasting effects. To expect someone else to set themselves on fire to keep me warm is selfish. I’m in charge of my own health. Not to mention how many other illnesses there are that have no vaccine. The vaccine logic is so incredibly flawed!

        2. Abigail, I understand that fear. My 5 year old suffered asthma from the age of one until she was three. I was getting her the flu vaccine. She was on Flovent and albuterol daily and yet she continued having asthma attacks. The medication was not working. I spent hours researching and reading studies. I came to the conclusion that her vitamin d levels were low. I spoke with her then pediatrician about it and she said that I not dare give her more than 400 iu. I pointed out rx drugs weren’t working and I found a holistic pediatrician that would work with me. At the time on her website she had this great sheet of info on how to up our immune systems in winter months. On that sheet she had proper vitamin d dosage for kids of various ages. I started my three year old on that regimen. She hasn’t used her Flovent or albuterol on almost 2 years. She no longer receives the flu shot. In the fall and winter we drink lots of broth, take probiotics daily and supplement our diets with a good vitamin d. I lived in fear for so many years that she would get the flu. I never worry now. The tru test is when someone with the flu coughed in my daughters face and she never got sick.

    3. You are assuming that the flu shot actually prevents the flu. Past years have proven the shot to be very ineffective, with prevention rates in the teens. With an effectiveness that low, the risk of suffering one of the awful side effects of this vaccine is not worth it, in my opinion.

      Bottom line: The flu shot is *not* the way to prevent the flu, and is not keeping anyone – immune compromised or otherwise- safe or healthy.


      I would suggest that someone at high risk for developing serious complications from the flu learn about all of the best ways to support their immune system (vitamin D, vitamin C, no sugar, etc.). The answer is not asking others to risk their health in the minute chance that it will save your own.

    4. Hi Abigail, I see that you are looking for someone to answer things for you.

      The flu shot can and often does create asthma. The TDaP is the reason I have asthma. The flu shot can make asthma worse.

      I think a good place to start would be to learn what happens to your immune system immediately after getting a vaccination. The more studies you read, the more you get past the government/pharmaceutical industry propaganda, the more you dig, you will understand a tremendous amount more. If your body is quietly fighting off an illness and you get a vaccination, your body may not be able to respond to both at once. Learning the difference between natural infections and the body’s response (natural tcell and white blood counts increase) vs. injection (body is surprise attacked “pearl harbored” and may not be able to handle it well. Not everyone get the flu every year. I hadn’t had it in 10 years until I made the irresponsible decision to have the TDaP booster. I got 2 rounds of flu in addition to strep throat, chronic sinus infections, chronic ear infections, and bronchitis almost non stop. I have an inhaler now, I had never needed one until that TDaP.

      Maybe you seem fine… Autoimmune yet? Weight issues? Memory and concentration issues? Sleep issues/anxiety? Depressive mood swings? “I vaccinate every year and I’m fine”. Ok! Just as long as you know it’s still an experiment and you might not be ok next time.

    5. I am sorry that your child is immune compromised but creating more immune compromised children in the name of protecting those already immune compromised makes no sense. Also, in a shot that has a dismal rate of effectiveness, how is it protecting your child anyway? The thought that me injecting myself or my children with toxins in order to keep you or your children from getting sick makes absolutely no sense. Read “Dissolving Illusions: Vaccines, Disease and the Forgotten History by Dr. Suzanne Humphries a board certified nephrologist and internal medicine doctor who has spent years researching. We need to build up our immune systems and health will never come through a needle. I am a masters prepared intensive care nurse currently teaching in a nursing program and I too have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours researching and the evidence just isn’t there. We are destroying our immune systems one generation at a time. Our children are sicker than ever before and we live in a country that spends more than any other industrialized nation on earth on health care, our children are the most vaccinated but they are also the sickest and have the most chronic illness. 52% of the children in the U.S. are on at least one medication for some type of chronic illness. We are 34th in the world for infant mortality. This should be the healthiest place on the planet but it isn’t. On a final note, I will be 59 next month and I have never had a flu shot and I never will. I have also never gone to work sick like so many others. The majority of the nurses in the hospital get the flu every year usually not to long after receiving the flu shot. Anything that has a risk should also have a choice. I have written many papers on the subject of mandatory vaccines and informed consent. No medical procedure or medication should EVER be mandatory.

    6. Actually, yes. I’ve read studies that show that asthmatic children have more hospitalizations after the flu vaccine than unvaccinated children do. The data is all there. The vaccine efficacy is so low and the risks are great. Read an insert once. You’ll be shocked.

  4. Like with Linda, who commented above, the flu vaccine changed the course of our family’s life.

    When my husband, who’s worked in healthcare over 23 years, was faced with the flu vaccine mandate a few years ago he knew he would never get the shot. The only flu vaccine he’d ever had years before resulted in the sickest week by far of his entire life. So he opted to wear a mask at work for the duration of “flu season”.

    But the fact that it was mandated and made such a big deal of raised a lot of questions in his mind and he began researching…and researching…and researching. What he learned over hundreds of hours of pouring over study data, learning about the flu itself, and about the workings of the pharmaceutical industry and the politics behind these mandates was enough that he could no longer in good conscience continue to work in the healthcare industry in any capacity (he’d worked in therapy and more recently in hospital administration).

    He compiled most of his research into an eBook, The Man Behind the Mask: Why I Choose to Not Receive the Flu Shot: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref=is_s?k=the+man+behind+the+mask+david+boman

    He is also back in school now for a career change (chiropractic) that doesn’t compromise his integrity (or his health).

    The flu vaccine mandate for healthcare workers was not only the final straw that led to him leaving the healthcare industry but it was the final straw in our confidence in the conventional healthcare system overall. If it is throwing its own people under a bus (requiring an unjustified, ineffective, and risky yearly medical procedure), what is it doing to its “regular” customers? We realized that healthcare has completely sold its soul to the pharmaceutical industry and exists only for itself now, even when that means running over the top of its own workers and patients.

    Sadly the same pharmaceutical industry is now sinking its talons into education. It will take everyone standing up to this monster to protect our children and their children from a dismal and very sick future under medical tyranny.

    1. Good for him. I fought the mandatory flu shot at the facility where I have worked for 8 years. Suddenly they became militant about it and said it was mandatory in 2014-15. They refused my declination on the grounds that I wasn’t Jehovah’s Witness, Christian Scientist or Seventh Day Adventist. Apparently they forgot one tiny little detail. That is a violation of Title 7 of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964. After receiving a letter from my attorney they revised their policy for the shot and revised the mask policy to “in the event of a declared outbreak and when in close patient contact, ” and I have not had an issue since. Nurses, doctors, pharmacy techs, unit techs and anyone working in the health care facility need to band together. They cannot fire everyone. I asked a simple question: If we are an evidenced based practice facility then please show me the evidence behind the mandate. They had nothing to show. I rest my case. Never give up.

      1. Cynthia, would you please provide more information on what that letter from an attorney should contain to convince an employer of the law? Thx!

    2. Jill,
      First of all, thank you for sharing your husbands story and link to his book. I purchased it today and have read through it twice taking notes. In my own research for a paper a couple of years ago concerning mandatory flu vaccines I found some of the same information but he certainly added greatly to my research. I wish there was some way to get the book in paperback. I left a review on Amazon because I think every health care worker out there should read this book. I would by it in bulk and give it away because I am that passionate about this subject. I would love to be able to communicate with you two personally. Here is my email address: [email protected] Thank you for your efforts.

  5. I wanted to bring something to everyone’s attention. The consent portion of the form is worded in a way that I have heard has been used to claim that parents are neglectful. Basically, when you sign something that says you do not want to protect your child’s health by participating, it shows that you agree that the vaccines are necessary to protect your child and you are neglecting them by not getting them vaccinated. Do not sign these forms!

  6. I am mostly concerned as to why AISD (Austin Independent School District) let these go home in the first place. Who at AISD thought this was a good idea? It is clearly in violation of every law in place to allow medical privacy for our children. Whether or not you are pro- vaccine or anti- vaccine or slow-vaxxers, it is against the law! That should be the focus. I am informed, but I am a white educated mom of 40 who has a legal background and cannot or will not be bullied by our schools. What about all those parents who just go along with stuff (especially if it is free) and/or cannot read, or understand what they are reading. This is the exact kind of form they will read over and feel as if they were being required to do it.

    At the end of the day- you have to follow the money, and this stupid campaign is funded by the charity, Healthy Schools Campaign, which has, at its head of the BOD, a man named Rob Rogers, who happens to be the owner and CEO of School Health – a medical supply company to all schools. He stands to gain millions from school districts country-wide who are buying into the idea of this private non-medical body, non-government body providing medical services to our children. It’s horrifying. Who at my school disctrict in Austin allowed this to happen, who at any school district in Texas (which thankfully allows us to exempt our children) would let this be sent out to all children. I wish someone would look into that.

    Thanks for raising awareness- thanks for speaking out for us.
    Informed mother, who actually wants the law upheld.
    Katherine Moore

  7. I have a kindergartner in Hutto ISD, we received the parent consent form for this mass vaccine administration program. As a person of color, any MASS VACCINE program marketed as “HEALTHY KIDS” makes all kinds of red flags fly. People of color and targeted areas of “low income” have historically been wronged by programs like this. The first thing I did was ask the school nurse the basic question “which Flu vaccine will they be using and who will administer the vaccine to my child”? I am a health professional and am very aware of the scarcity of the preservative free version of the Flu vaccine. Most programs like this (ie : retail pharmacies that provide it, job related vaccine programs etc) will only administer the preservative free version upon request and most insurance carriers do NOT cover the preservative free version. Anyway she gave me the 800# for Healthy Kids so that I could get better answers. First, the phone rep says “I cant pronounce the name of the vaccine” – she spelled it out FLUZONE AND FLUCELVAX then she went on to read off some preprinted line of vaccine explanation. My next question, “who administers?” she says “nurses” – I clarify, “RNs”? she says Yes. Again, surprised I ask again – REGISTERED NURSES?? She again confirms. My last question – “are you a for profit or a non-profit entity?” She states she doesn’t know and again goes off on some pre-printed lines of who Healthy Kids is – no details no answer to my questions. Nothing is free, especially in Texas. A “free vaccination program” in a defined Title 1 and economically disadvantaged area – should have parents asking every question (who profits from this) and we should be provided with clear answers. My children get vaccinated every year with ME present and administered by their pediatrician/RN in a clinic setting prepared to handle any negative reaction or side effect. Rounding up kids during school hours without parents present and without clear answers is NOT appropriate. I appreciate the effort to provide those that are without access to healthcare/vaccines but this sounds like someone with ties to the State or some representative that won a contract to come do a mass round of kids and vaccinate them for “free”.

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